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Archelon Tournament

Might need to change name to Prince?



I’ve been at Predator level awhile, but may stop playing. These tournaments seem like a waste of game resources and time better spent doing something else.

When you win, you can have a raspberry parade. :roll_eyes:

Wait, what? Anyone else have this?

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Yeah, just broke the game lol.

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Same, I was at 11th place in dominator, and now I’m suddenly in hatchling league. Sorry to ask @Ned but I think the tournament may have a bug.

What the hell is going on I was in first place in dominator league now I’m in last place in hatchling league I guess we broke the game

Same. I look like this now but 1 min before I was as per screenshots under




Tournament points with our weaker creatures for the win!

You ain’t that good, folks, you ain’t that good. Just sayin. :eyes:

Tryhards, tryhards everywhere…

Hopefully this gets fixed…

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Hissy fit activated


Whoa at these scores!

@Ned can you please pass this along…

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That means a lot of fighting for us to go back into dominator. :laughing:

It’s fixed.

Has anyone else experienced a glitched or hacked leaderboard because i was in the top 10 of predator now im in hatchling 100 and the people above me have millions of cups

Back to normal

Managed to get a couple of battles on to up my points against hatchling opponents at 75 health before I was chucked back up again

I’m on a train so hot that my phone kept overheating and the signal kept going

Worst timing ever to get an opportunistic battle frenzy in

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Mine is back to normal.

Back to normal, so back to the projections…

Tournament is still steadily picking up pace, but relatively it’s not by as much. New projected finish for the bottom of Dominator is now: 1781 points.

To take it one step further, over the past 7 hours the tournament has accrued an additional 54 points in terms of the additional growth rate when compared to the projection from 7 hours ago.

At this current rate of growth it could be reasonably expected that you can add as much as ~211 points to this current projection (Taken at 27 hours out); if so the bottom of Dominator could finish at as much as 1,992 points.

I do think that the tournament will eventually slow down towards the end. Realistically the bottom of Dominator will probably finish anywhere between 1800-1900 points.

If it does not slow down at all, then with the current rate of growth 2000 points is pretty much the safest bet right now to ensure that you’ll snag Archelon.

Projection formula (at 27 hours from Tournament Completion):

1358 (Bottom of Dominator League now) MINUS 230 (Starting point for Bottom of Dominator League) = 1128 (Points accrued since beginning of tournament)

1128 / 72 (Hours tournament has been going) = ~15.67 points per hour

~15.67 x 27 (Hours remaining) = 423

Projected points remaining to be added

423 + 1358 = 1781 Projected points for bottom of Dominator (Up 54 points from 7 hours ago)

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