Arctalces as raid boss

Arctovasilas is a highly sought for creature since it got intop the game. Some already unlocked it, some even brought it to level 30, but others are just getting near or over halfway to get it, or even nowhere near. I think I’m not mistaken if I say that only those could unlock it so far (not to mention bringing it to lvl 30) who buy FIP packages regularly. I’d even risk the bet that those who don’t buy these packages are not even near to unlock it.

I for myself am a VIP players for a long time now. I don’t buy FIP packages or other incubators or hard cash, but pay the VIP fee every month, wich means I already contributed a large sum of money to the developers through these many small contributions. I also spend a lot of time with this game, actively darted Arctodus when it was in the wild, reached over 5,600 trophies in the Cervalces season, FIP-ed both of them a lot in lvl 20 sanctuaries (from FIPs I get from the game), and darted/dart Cervalces as much as I could when it was available as event creature.

With this much dedication I’m now a little over halfway to juts unlocking Arctovasilas. I have enogh Arctodus DNA for unlocking Vasilas, but only almost enough Cervalces DNA to even just level Arctalces to level 25. This game as all mobile games was always a little pay to win, that can’t be helped really, this is how free mobile games work. But being this far from people who buy FIP packages regurarly even as a VIP players makes it much-much worse, makes me feel frustrated, and also makes me feel not VIP at all. The fact that the progress for getting Arctovasilas is so painfully slow and almost non-existent is also not helping.

Things I fear will just become even worse after February, since both Arctodus and Cervalces feels pretty winter themed for me, and I fear that after February they won’t be too accessible either on the map, or in alliance incubators till next winter.

And so that’s why I’m proposing to introduce Arctalces as a raid boss into the game. Progress for Arctovasilas would be still moderately slow, but not as hopeless as now. We still wouldn’t be able to raid for Arctovasilas herself, wich is the point of it being a fusable apex, and those who buy the FIP packeages would still be at a great advantage. But in the meantime those who don’t buy these packages, but who are dedicated and do the raid for Arctalces every week, and use their few FIPs to further the cause would still feel some progress. The gap between those who pay a lot and those who aren’t would still be there, but would be smaller, wich would make the less-paying players less frustrated and more importantly less angry towards the developers, or thoe who pay a lot for the great advantage.

I think this would be the perfect balance for an apex, that purposefully doesn’t have a raid, but in turn has 2 recently introduced event exclusive creatures. In my alliance someone already suggested to retire Indominus for Arctalces, but the developers could also create a poll for the community deciding wich legendary to retire, or they could even intrduce Arctalces as the first weekend legendary. It would be a special spot, but i think it would also be fitting for the special circumstances of this boss’s introduction.

So what is everyone’s opinion on this? Would be good to see opinions from both parties really from the playerbase (those who pay a lot, and those who aren’t). Of course what I really hope is that this gets to the developers as well, and that they might consider this suggestion.


i would be all fior this as a raid boss ditch one of the other useless one :stuck_out_tongue: indom coms to mind

I wouldn’t mind Arctalces as a raid boss or even Ankylomoloch.

I unlocked Arctovalisas just an hour ago. It took 16 days from the day I got Actalces to 25. I FIP’d every day but never bought packs. I used my other 3 accounts requesting 2 and 3 times a day for mostly the deer but I got a lot of help from my younger alliance members who are pretty new and see Apex’s so far and out of reach were willing to part with the deer and bear. In return I was donating anything and everything to my alliance members requests whether they donated to me or not. It only shows 5 of the givers so I didn’t want to miss paying anyone back for their donations.

I unlocked my last Apex raid creature this morning so I have a complete team of Apex creatures. I can finally take a break from the grind but I will be working on the legendary Fuku and the 9th Apex which are the last two creatures I don’t have.


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well, I’m 9 Arctalces DNA away from unlocking Arctalces

so I wouldn’t mind this

I wouldn’t mind it getting a raid, but honestly it should replace Scorp or go to Friday, as Scorp is not only kinda frustrating to raid if you dont have a strat, but it’s not that fun either in general and it gives unneeded dna. Or the better option, PUT MORE RAIDS ON THE WEEKENDS. If they want to get rid of an older raid, it should just be moved to the weekend so that it has less priority than other raids. Not completely thrown out, just moved to the side a little. This allows people who are at the beginning of the game and enjoy raiding to still raid on weekends instead of just going “Now what?” once they’ve darted what they could.

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Just need coins and wait for the end of the season now.