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Arctic Wolf, International Alliance Recruiting

We are currently 4/4 and we are looking to recruit some active members.
Requirements are as such:
-Being able to communicate in English.
-Be active for at least the daily missions and daily battle incubator.

Sanctuary co-ordination:
We also have some sanctuary rules in place, in order to maximize DNA gain and sanctuary exp gain.

People often create “Focused” sanctuaries, where they announce which Creatures they want to have in. (ie. “Creating a new Carbonemys/Blue sanctuary in 2 hours.”)
Then people from the alliance that are interested in these 2 creatures are encouraged to leave their Blue/Carbo in that sanctuary, therefore maximizing the DNA gain for these 2.

Under no circumstances someone is allowed to put any creatures other than the announced in that sanctuary, as this will ruin the hard work people made to level up said sanctuary up to that point.

Random sanctuaries are still allowed, although discouraged, as putting your desired creature in its focused sanctuary will yield better results.

If the above sounds interesting, feel free to send me your nametag in a PM.

Any questions are welcome!