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Arctodus season anytime soon?

Would be much appreciated if we could know if it’s coming in the next 2 or 3 months. Would like to switch my FITs to cervalces now if a season is confirmed for arctodus.

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Bear spawn rate has been reportedly MUCH better since we don’t have a rare hybrid pursuit going on this week. I’m seeing reports of 50+ bears a day. So I would say Moose will be the better one to FIP since you can’t actually get out and hunt that one. Plus we will have had 4 weeks of bear in events after this week is over. If you think about the long game, moose has honestly been the smarter choice this whole time.


Seen more bears, especially in green areas. Seen next to nothing from the pursuit though.

That was the plan until I saw the atrocious spawn rate of arctodus where I switched my FITs to arctodus then (especially with the 15k of cervales from the season) but I have noticed 5 or 6 wild spawns today which is more or less what I saw in the previous 2 or 3 weeks combined, so Ludia might have fixed something without communicating it as usual.

Well when bear was released in the wild, we had a Carno pursuit. Then we had the rare Gator pursuit. This week is epic Monolophosaurus so we don’t have another rare pursuit competing in the same spawn pool. So I think the spawn rate we are seeing now is what the bear is supposed to actually be, it was just messed up the last few weeks because of the hybrid pursuit creatures.

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That says a lot…

I’ve seen more bears than usual

Perhaps after albertosaurus. Unless they release a new exclusive or will focus on bumpy or Argentavis