Arctodus spawns

Hey araT, I’ve checked with our team, and Arctodus is confirmed to be a global spawn at the moment.

However, I’ve forwarded the feedback regarding Arctodus’s spawn rate to our team as well! :mag:


Thank you @Ned for forwarding this to the team! Judging from comments I’ve seen in the many discords I am in, the bear spawn right now is, quite simply put, atrocious. People running up to 10 rare scents and traveling hundreds of miles without seeing a single spawn. We were very excited to get out and hunt this exclusive creature to start working towards the new fusable Apex. We need a LOT of DNA to achieve that and the current spawn rate is just making people not want to even bother. Scents (which I’m happy to purchase in store) aren’t even worth running at this point. If you could also provide this feedback to the team it would be much appreciated. Thank!


Not sen any either, naturally or via Xmas spawns that say they give you a 25% chance of it for the first spawn.

I love you all from your list Ludia :joy:

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Soooo as you can see me and small child went for a drive to look at Christmas lights.

On our drive we found around 22 carno and 2 glow in the dark para.

As you can see from the other photo I found so many bears that my highest score is unable to be posted on it’s little page because it’s sooooo high.

So the rarest spawning Dino is spawning more then bear.

Ooooo also I ran 4 scent of claws and two rare scents.

Thanks, you managed to take away something I was looking forward to hunting to dart and shoved it somewhere.

Have a great day



Why would you not be able to post it bcs it’s to high. (Saying you aren’t lying and this is not satire) you were EXTREMELY lucky, two lux’s and 22 carnos that’s more than i have seen the last two months.

Carno is spawning extra this week. To be fair, I’ve been in my flat all day and I’ve had a few, mostly inner circle range. Lux I’ve seen two of and the 1st was the day it came out!

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He’s clearly joking about the high score. It isn’t listed because he was unable to find a wild bear :man_facepalming:

As for the Para Lux and carno, his results are similar to mine. I’ve run into 2 luxs in the past 24 hours, and carno has its pursuit going on. So those numbers aren’t EXTREMELY lucky.


For lux you actually need to leave your house in most cases and walk / drive for a good distance, or get lucky either or

Ok that’s why i said it could be satire, but thanks for saying that is. And for the spawns i have nerver atleast seen that many carnos and lux’s but i could just have bad luck.

Go out and hunt this week :+1: You’ll run into lots of carno with its hybrid pursuit going on


Anyone remember when this happened with Sono (epic) also? They had to give us an extra week. So clearly not the first time.


Some would say the spawn rate is Arctrocious… :crazy_face:


I still need 57,556 more arctodus DNA to even unlock the apex. That’s gonna take a while at one bear per day. :wink:

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I got some of these Arctodus DNA and now I could able to create arctovasilas but I have to raise Carbotoceratops to make Testacornibus.

We traveled 30 miles saw many carno. Had one bear spawn as a close proximity while driving but could not catch it. And one Lux. None from giga scents and one bear from scent of claws.

You have enough moose and bear to create and level the legendary to 25 and also enough for fusions on the Apex?

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I did post my highest score, check any Dino you have darted in the area I have posted and it will tell you your highest score darting.

Mine isn’t there because I haven’t darted one.

That is the whole point of my post.

I think its fixed, or i got lucky and got 3 in 5 mins

Definitely not fixed.

I’ve spent all day driving around trying to find any - there’s a small army of Carno out there. I’ve only darted 6 Bears all day (that’s from 7 am PST to now (7:30 PM PST).

It’s absurd.

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