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Arctops : Available to buy in store now

Just in case people have missed this in the other thread:

Coming to a sanctuary near you soon …


Ludia probably needs more money than what are they making on boosts.

If this is the only way to get it, then that’s seriously out of order.


I’ve said in the other thread that if it is ultimately available to FTP then I have no real issue - its not like its a must have; and with sanctuaries 100s will have it very shortly


Ludia : Money is money. And i like it so much hahahaha

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Disagree. If it’s been released in incubators at the same time, then that’s fair enough. But for it to be solely available as paid for DNA is wrong.

It’s a free to play game, so it should be free to complete.


wonderful. figured this would happen. not spending money on it. They’ll probably release it out in the wild in a couple weeks.

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Or maybe a permian event. Cevoria, ophia, and dime gen 2. Moschops, dime, and arctops. Seco and scuto
Maybe the diplocalus gens as well


Got it unlocked thanks to sanctuaries.

I would have no problem…
…if boosts weren’t a thing. Seriously, are your profits that low? Whales stopped buying boosts?

The fountain would dry out eventually, what will ludia do now is the question, my bet is they kill the game even more

Now I’m just crossing my tail and fangs that Arctops will be in a event soon. Or just cross your fingers that it will get a hybrid and it will get a hybrid pursuit.

this isn’t a first though. pretty sure carnotaurus started in incubators first too at least

Kill the game more how? If the boost revenue is drying up then hopefully Ludia will sell better stuff like FITs. Or Nasuto.

This is the kind of route they should have gone to monetize the game more back when boosts where the bad idea of someone wanting their trex to be faster then a velo raptor.

Its most certainly a better option then exclusives as far as players are concerned. It gives Ludia some revenue while still allowing ftp the sanctuary route.

Sure its not something I like to see in a game… but this isnt anywhere near as game changing as boosts.

This isnt one of those f2p titles where the cash shop is cosmetics only… never has been never will. One person can literally unlock this for an entire alliance or co op… with a 10 dollar purchase. Far from what I would call greedy as far as this company goes.

I think Ludia is trying to find a revenue stream that isnt boosts 3.0 if this is how they need to do it… its far less damaging then what boosts 3.0 would be.


I’ll just wait for her to make an appearance for free out there or for someone to put her in a sanctuary. I’m not buying incubators for it.

If there’s no other way to get it in the future, then Ludia just hit their new low…

I will preface this post by saying that I have been critical of Ludia for many of their poor decisions that have actually hurt their long-term revenue possibilities at the expense of the short-term cash boosts, but…

I believe that this is actually a good and reasonable business decision. For those who have some disposable income to spend and be the first to acquire Arctops, go for it. To share it in sanctuaries for your Alliance, thank you. And for those who can’t or won’t spend money, then that’s fine too. At least the sanctuaries allow just about everyone to freely acquire Arctops just a week or so behind those you pay for it.


A week? A higher level sanctuary can unlock it in 2-3 rounds of FIPs. One day behind good sir/maam. :wink: