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Arctops does it really exist or is it just another myth.?

The Arctops one of the new Permian era based dinosaurus released in V1.14 has so far not been seen anywhere at all and it makes one wonder if it truly exists or not.?.
If it does then where the bleeding heck is it or where has it gone to, we have seen all of the other dinosaurs from the V1.14 release but not the Acrtops rare dinosaur even though it is titled as * rare exclusive * you still have to ask the question if it is exclusive then when will LUDIA be releasing it because it seems strange does it not that we get all but 1 of the new dinosaurs. so why is LUDIA holding back on it ? will it suddenly appear in a special event that has not even been scheduled yet? how long will we have to wait before someone at LUDIA decides to finally release it so that it can be captured or its DNA gathered by players so that it can be created and tried out in battles just to see how good or how lousy it is when facing off against opponents in battle? Only time will tell i suppose but i for one dont want to die of old age before we get the chance to get it or see it ! lol
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There has been talk that it is an incubator exclusive but I don’t know if that is true or not.

Its an event exclusive I believe.


Thank you.

Come on LUDIA release this new dinosaur please or at the very least can we get an update on when this dinosaur will be finally released into the game at all thanks .?. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Same as @PQC just want to create the dumb thing and have a complete creaturedex again.


We didn’t see it anywhere in the code so it’s just like Titanoboa where it isn’t in any of the themed weeks and we’ll need to wait for a special event to get it. Hopefully they release in the wild for a little while like they did with Mammoth and Snake.


I’m thinking now it will be next month’s season reward

It’s for sale today :thinking::smirk:

Bahahahaha of course it is :rofl:


A new low.


Really only from incubator first?

Frankly I was expecting some event STRAIGHT after NEW UPDATE which at-least gives chance to earn new creatures.

If I remember it only happened once when the birds were released. right?


So low in fact that they can see an ant’s daily life


I know I shouldn’t feed their greed but I couldn’t help myself - oh, well 203/203 and at least the alliance co-op can use all those FIPs on it …

It’ll be in the shared sanc faster than you can say gold rush …


Wish I could buy it with bucks


Although I do question if it was an accidental sale - seems weird timing …

I’m not using real money just to get a creature, I’m not blowing cash just to get skullcrusher in titans uprising or VIP creatures in JWTG such as stygimoloch, Wuerhosaurus, proceratosaurus, pterodaustro, Not worth it.

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Well, too late now :wink:

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We had 2 in our co-op purchase the incs and I was able to create it from FIPs in about a minute haha. Glad to have that gray box completed so I wasn’t tempted to buy :rofl:

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