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Arctops, eh?

So… I guess this is kinda a bug report? I didn’t want the entire format for it tho, and it’s not major.

So, the game was sitting idle for about 3-4 hours on my phone, in the window (wasn’t on it at all). Last thing I did before leaving it was AR with Arctops (I think so at least!) and then returning to CreatureDex. upon returning to the game, I was on the CreatureDex, then clicked to the Social tab, then after a couple seconds switched apps, came back and switched to battle, left again.

Then I was presented with this gem :joy:

I tried AR to see what would happen, and it then went from funny to a game breaker.

Hats off to anyone if they manage to recreate this- just throwing that out there hahaha.


Looks pretty major to me as it blocks off your ics.

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Only took closing and reopening the app tho, so easy fix

Interesting, Sarahsaurusrex. It’s good to hear that it was fixed by restarting the game. Should this ever occur again, don’t hesitate to contact our support team as they would be glad to assist you.

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