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So I decided to drop down from aviary to lockdown to get more grypo. And while I was using some commons to lose trophies and stay in this arena I faced a guy with a level 16 arctops! How?

AI. Arctops isn’t available so far.


That would explain a lot. But I thought that to play against AI you have to press that button and it won’t impact your trophy count.

As I understand it if you lose a certain number of battles in the lower arenas you get an “easy” AI battle but score as if it were a person.

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I want it! D:

Ok. Thanks

It looks so cute. I want it now.

This is a AI 100%.

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Do Arctops’ attacks have the same animations as Inostrancevia’s?

Not sure. Faced only one Inostra and two Arctopses, but haven’t payed too much attention.