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Ardentis Event or Brachiosaurus event with suggestions on balancing ardentis

It’s taking me forever to bust out a whole 200 brachiosaurus that I’ve gotten from solely a sanctuary. I have found 4 by luck in the past month and a half. Even so it’s not exactly like I’m going to get 100 DNA fused for my Ardentis on a single fuse. Either change the spawn or do an event. I love using it but its tier 5 everything boosted and can not keep up with super attack boosted level 26 thors. I’d rather see an ardentis event than another event for thor and/or tryko. Also I want to complain on its crit rate. That’s what is suppose to even it out its terrible attack and speed. A rampage will only do 2200 which ain’t much if I put it out against a thor. Brachiosaurus has a 30% and ardonto has a 20%, how does ardentis stay at 20%? Even so with its ancestors both known to be decently crit prone, ardentis has utterly lacked in help to stay competitive. I love this dino so help me keep it on my team.

You know there’s a maxima hybrid pursuit going on right now, and we’re getting brachio in next week’s incubators right?

I was unaware of the brachiosaurus, and the hybrid pursuit doesnt matter much to me. I have plenty enough secodonto and Argentino. However, 2 1/2 fuses wont butter me up to how scarce it is.

I love the thing, but It should have 10% armor and 30% crit, and some other move instead of deccel strike like pinning strike or shielded deccel strike.

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