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Ardentis or Grypo ( or Thor)

I am not a big fan of Thor and never thought he was overpowered ( problem is free sino dna). My Thor is 5/5/4. I don’t want to invest speed boost to him so he is slower then every other Thor and some Tryko and Diorajas. I am thinking of replacing him with Ardentis or Grypo. I have 600 grypo dna (lvl 20)so need a lot of sanctuary focus. On the other hand I have enough brachi and secondo dna for level 22-23 but I don’t have argentino dna. I need to request from my allience. I have seen lots of the argentino requests filled but not sure how long this continues due to the increased demand with the 1.9.

No doubt: Go Maxi! I just replaced L26 Monosteg with L23 Maxi and don’t look back. Team level is 27. Boosted Maxi can do fine underlevelled. Question is who is going out.

Rare scent in local 3 at day time will give you Argentino.


Any other ideas?