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Ardentismax-deus, unstoppable or counteractive?🤔

This very resistant tower is the nightmare of everyone who wants to climb points, it is in most of all teams, it is very difficult to counteract, but not null

if we look at his resistance package, we will realize that the 2 best options are to make it bleed or tear it and we just have a superhybrid that gets those 2 qualities (thylacotator) that makes it bleed and then tears it, all good until it changes to a tear resistant dino :sleepy:

‘’ if Maxima is in trouble, I’ll run away at full throttle’’ :steam_locomotive:

It seems that maximum is in itself the creature par excellence, extreme life, decent damage, good armor, great criticism, great abilities, excellent resistance, what more can you ask for? that has 133 speeds :sob:

we have counters, like alloraptor, thylacotator, thylacoleo (lion marsupial), mortem rex (half a year to get and level). but what is the problem with these counters, easy, alloraptor wins if it does not give critical, if it manages to survive, it will be eliminated by a creature with exchange ability (75% of battles have a dino with exchange). Thylacotator manages to bleed it (or prowl to use rending takedown) it takes it with ease, but that’s the problem, having to trust fate not to change, it marsupial lion and mortem … same joke (only that with mortem it is more hurt maxima).

Strategies like ‘’ constrictor ‘’, ‘’ t rex ‘’, ‘’ tenrex ‘’, ‘’ tarkus ‘’, ‘’ suchotator ‘’ often serve to deal as much damage as possible, so that with the next creature it kills it , hopefully

one way to counter Maxima is to use a bleeder, like suchotator or thylatator, then change it to a ‘’ wild card ‘’ like quetzorion, tryko, phoru, nemys (basically anyone who can enter to fight without being seriously damaged) and beg why change to a dino like monestego, dracorat, tryko, dracocerato thylatator among others.

For me, beating a Maxima, means using 2 or 3 creatures, but if I manage to counteract it with games of distraction, tearing and bleeding (sometimes evasion), I am satisfied and at the same time satisfied, regardless of whether I win or not.}

more than anything, beating Maxima with his counters, they are a matter of putting your hands to the fire and praying

How do you counter Ardentismax-deus? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


I always hope for my opponent to start with maxima, I generally open with erlidominus or mamolania, yes I will loose my Dino, but it’s perfect to revenge kill maxima and setup an other Dino afterward.

Since the modification of the IIT, I found maxima way more acceptable.

I don’t mind a Dino who win most of is 1v1 but give an opportunity to setup just after.

I found tryko way more difficult to deal with (because he can still slow you down will doing IIT and do a lot of dommage after).

I’m fine with max at the moment.

May be I will take off 2 or 300 health of it, but not more.

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Max is still pretty hard to counter, especially given its immense health pool that allows the users to boost its speeds frequently into the high teens to 120s while still having 8k+ health.

I agree it needs to be toned down a bit, and it likely will be in the next patch. For the time being, thyla is the best option overall.

Maxima is fine.

If you expect to always hit your perfect counter (yes, there are only a few) at the right time against a max, this will be a problem.

As said, be willing to sacrifice a dino to setup the next one and try take advantage of that. I have won plenty of battles that way.

I would argue that it needs to be toned down a bit. Not decimated, just rebalanced. Like losing the taunt shattering Ramage for regular taunt rampage and/or adjusting some of it’s resistances.

All too often matches are decided by who drew their max.

Right now it is a bit OP as OP stated.

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My Spinonyx takes out many Ardentismaxima. I love my Spinonyx and all I can say is Lethal Wound and Rending Strike completely kills it and lets Spinonyx live at times or insures it dies in a trade off, but at least I don’t lose two. I much prefer using Spinonyx against it than Trykosaurus or Thoradolosaur.

Daryx Bleeed + Tarkus counter after Daryx swap. quite effective.

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I just bleed it, then swap to whatever has a counter. Some players swap to dracorex or whatever. That’s fine as the max is usually at half health anyway and if it DOES return, it usually goes down do to it’s speed deficit.

I believe it’s the first time in 2 years that the main comments for a dino is “It’s fine, you just have to be prepared to loose one dino and then Maxima become a set up for your next one”. I may be wrong? Is there any other dinos, since the beginning of the game that was like that? I think Thor, back then, would be the closest to what Maxima is today? But not even that close…

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Not mentioning that those people who dump their boosts into Max will do whatever they can to save their precious Max. So we are all assuming best case scenarios here. This is basically arena rn

Start with Max, hoping to sweep some poor fella’s team
He starts with a Max counter
Swap out
Kill the Max counter
Swap in max again


The game turn around max and tryko currently.
The whole strategy turn around max ,tryko and magna.
If you don’t play one of these,you won’t go really further.

Easy fix to rebalance it, just cut its damage by 30%, that negates it’s high HP

Max is a literal crutch for most players. One I faced was level 26 with the rest of the team being 21-23. I either use Thyla, Dracocerato to take out large chunks, or rely on team synergy to counter them. I’ve only faced one player smart enough to swap to Magna against Thyla, though, so that’s cool, I suppose.

Health 100% needs to be nerfed. Out of all its stats, health is too much. I met one with 132 speed but no health boosts once, I killed it, but that shouldn’t even be allowed.

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