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Ardentismaxima and speed boosts

Hey everyone,
I have gotten my Maxima to 26 and have it currently boosted 6-6-0. Is it worth sinking speed boosts into him? It takes t7 speed just to out-speed a 135 Thor. Or should I just do a few boosts to out-speed just the non boosted? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

No. Maxima has complete speed control. Speed boosting it is an absolute waste.

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T1 has been fine for me. It’s got two slow moves and it’s immune so Speed isn’t much of an issue for it

what you do against natural faster immunes?

Yeah I figured the speed boosts would only matter against naturally faster immune ones, but that’s magna, and erlid and maxima should never be faster than them…

Many players have Indominus Rex up to 130 speed or so, that might be a reason to try to outspeed it.

that’s what instant invincibility is for

I’ve got mine at T4 speed. It doesn’t really make a difference most of the time. It got me a speed-tie with a Tryko once, and outsped a boosted Stegod.

Ardentis is supposed to be faster than indom by default and so at lvl 26 let’s say Indom does not cloak and is faster. It hits Ardentis with 2100 damage (no crit) then Ardentis hits it with 1545 impact (Indom has 2655 HP left). Next Indom uses the big attack and is denied a hit. Next Indom uses another 2100 attack, leaving Ardentis with 1140 HP. Ardentis then uses rampage and hits Indom 2060 (Indom now has 595 HP). Final turn, Indom can use any attack at all, because its base damage is 1400. Ardentis dies because it would be outsped by Indom.

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true, although I never said it defeats Indom :smiley: