Ardentismaxima buff idea

You know it well The worst unique tank out of the trio ardentismaxima a good creature to use still but was nerfed to the ground and I like this creature so I’ve decided to try and make it a bit less weak you could say so here’s my idea i hope you like it (and I hope I haven’t ruined it)


I say lower the health by 150 and increase the damage by 50.

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Maybe give it it’s 10% armour back

Here’s what I think you should change:
Get rid of the 50% distraction resistance
Lower the health by about 200
Lower the armour by 5%
Buff the attack by 50-100


Nah, i’m fine with health being 5700, it needs distraction resist. Plus it’s not even that good atm like? Armor is fine cause that what she used to have. speed is okay, maybe 111 cause of brachio. otherwise good buff.


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