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Ardentismaxima did indeed deserve a nerf - but it should have been different

Ardentismaxima needed a nerf, but it was nerfed in the wrong way.

Give it back the Definite Rampage
Nerf attack to 1050-1100 and the crit to 20-25%


Keep the stat as is give it Precise Rampage instead of Definite Rampage and give it Definite Strike. Decelerating strike is useless on the creature

That’s all.


I’d say just nerf the attack, health and crit chance

Why did it need a nerf?

It’s a unique and it’s hard to create. It deserves its glory.

On the other hand there are overpowered epics like Proc that’s for 1 an epic and 2nd fairly easy to create. It’s way too strong for its class.

There’s also dracoceratops the legendary that’s insanely easy to create and way too overpowered for a legendary.

Then there’s Thor the unique that’s pretty easy to create at a high level considering Ludia gave us sino for ages. It’s an abomination.

People dump mad boost into these 3 creatures and run the show. Ludia allows them to run like mad men and they are all invalidated. On the other hand, Maxima is validated. It’s a unique and hard to create. It should reign.

I had anticipated the Draco nerf for some time and didn’t mind the nerf because he pretty much paid back tenfold into what I put into it.

I didn’t figure it would be touched at all due to it’s difficulty to level and it seemed about right powerwise. That kinda caught me off guard.

If something reigns, that thing is OP.
Nothing deserves to be OP, no matter how hard it is to create

Ardentismaxima needs a decision. It’s either a tank or a tank buster, you can’t have speed control, dodge nullify, tank shatter with crit and high damage.

Something needed to be nerfed, it was fine 1.9 and it got overbuffed

Proceratomimus deserves a nerf because it’s OP, not because it’s an Epic. The Ratkid deserved a nerf not because it was a legendary, but because it was OP.

With maxima though we’re all of its moves related or from its ingredients? It’s not like a suchotator where it magically got its move set.

Maxima isn’t the best dino in the game or anything. When I say reign I just mean let it be good. I don’t find it better than others on my team.

Trykosaurus is a tank and a chopper. It distracts and destroys shields. What I’m saying is that it’s not made up it’s decision either and nobody was complaining.

My maxima is level 27 and I plan on keeping it in my team and leveling it up staying unboosted.

I’d rather they revert it to it’s 1.9 state. It was perfect then.

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Definitely keep definitive rampage and nerf the damage, the best option possible imo. 1100 damage is a fair compromise. 1120 If you want It to be able to kill indo and indo gen2, though not really necessary that It does. Hp nerf is not necessary.
I don’t like the option of precise rampage, Maxima is special because of the combination of shattering and immunity in a high hp sauropod, without a shattering rampage Maxima loses it’s charm. It might as well be a copy of other tanks without Definitive rampage.

I don’t think it should be going over 1100. Or if 1120 then cut the crit to 15%.

I mean, that’s fair. I just gave an alternative solution, both works for me. I suggested the Precise Rampage AND definite strike if it were to keep 1300 damage. It’s just an alternative solution.

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Between 1050-1100 is totally fine imo, it’s incredibly fine as long as It keeps definitive rampage :laughing:

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If you want an alternative to Definite Rampage, here’s what I suggested on the update thread: Precise Decel moves have already been confirmed, so give it Definite Strike, Precise Decel Impact and Precise Rampage.

If you want chompers to counter it, Definite Rampage with a damage nerf is definitely the way to go though.

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