Ardentismaxima- from hero to zero

I find it really odd that Ardentismaxima is hard to get given it needs brachio (which can only be obtained through event now) yet its not useful specially if your aiming for top ranks. And Im not even sure if Ludia is aware of their mistake.Im sure they are but obviously they dont want to do anything about it anymore because they cant really balance the game anymore.

Im coming from the point where players are entering the game this year hence is affected by the change in dino spawns. Hopefully ludia sees this and consider slightly buffing it. Again…SLIGHTHLY buffing. This topic was never closed but im sure im not the only one who thinks of this.


Not exactly ‘hero to zero’. Ardentis is still quite a decent unique sauropod that has some decent damage outputs. It’s definitely weaker than before and needs a slight buff though. But I would say it is still somewhat relevant, though maybe not Top 100 material


Exactly. My point is its a legendary dino with an epic ingredient that is only available in events but is not top tier material. Do you see this in most top players? No. Maybe some do use it but im sure its because they dont really have a choice now.

Why put so much time, effort and coins for something that wont bring you to the top?

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Maxima is actually still useful for higher arenas, it’s just a lot more balanced than its ever been.


I run a L30 max boosted one in Gyro/Shores and it is just fine; had the chance to experiment with the recent shuffle and it still made my team.

Here’s my version of it:

Zero to Hero to Pretty Much Balanced


The era of zero stands for when ardentistmaxima was first released and was trash. The hero stands for ardentistmaxima era of glory stretching from 1.10-2.1. The balanced era was basically when 2.1 released to now. Hoping it stays that way :grin:

More like zero to hero to superhero to hero to deity to superhero to zero to pretty much balanced lol


I’m just crossing my fingers they stop changing it. It probably is one of the most modified creatures in JWA history.

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Looks at monomimus


Max or monomin.

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How could I forget. It has a crazy history. From Hero to Zero to Lower Than Zero to Lower Than That Zero to Balanced to Zero to Lower Than Zero


Its on par with Gem, they function similar but Gem isnt necessarily better than Max

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image This is my rework tell me what you think

Removing the taunting rampage ruins several strategies for Hadros Lux and Mortem Rex. We don’t need to make these raids harder than they already are. Ardentistmaxima is a raid queen and does not need her moveset changed. I do agree with the armor buff, though. That’s the only thing I really strive for regarding a buff.

You still get taunt with instant invincibility

IIT is not always used for taunts. In the case of Mortem, it is pointless to use it and you’ll want to get as much damage out as possible. That TSR can keep your Erlidom from getting killed from a rampage because it has the highest HP due to dodging a tailwhip. why would you use a non damaging move to taunt the boss if any of it’s attack will break through the shield, kill the max, and you’ll be out a lot potential damage.

As for Lux, Both taunts are necessary to keep the lower health teammates from getting targeted in later rounds when it has dual rampages.


Qiew speaks my mind. The taunt on Maxima’s rampage makes it so she’s the one to take that giant hit from Mortem. Without that, raids will be more RNG as you’ll have to keep retrying until Mortem does hit Maxima. Why remove a guarantee targeting? It saves so much time.

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IIT used to block big, non piercing attacks while TSR is used for damage or setting up a taunt for the next turn. It also allows players to get around IIT’s long cooldown.

There’s also been talk of TSR becoming Taunt Definite Rampage, which I think would be cool and solidify the “more resilient than fierce” idea

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Mortem’s rampage targets highest HP. so regardless Max will take at least 1 of Mortem’s rampages. Round 2 gets iffy depending on heal rates, targeting, and dodges. the random shattering strike ignores taunt, so it is a 25% chance it hits max on any given run.

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