Ardentismaxima- from hero to zero

wouldn’t max become a better gemini at that point? at least for raids. since they would have effectively the same moveset.

Gem having GI and better attack as well as distraction res would give them enough differentiation.

I actually like the clear cut roles that all the unique sauropods have, regardless if they’re actually good or not. Going off of move set, Gemini is definitely suppose to be more arena focused while Skoona on the opposite spectrum, leaning towards raid focused. Maxima is in a good place right now as the middle of the two, with excellent use in both the arena and in raids. In my opinion, unless you don’t give a crap about raids, Maxima is definitely the best sauropod to invest in if resources are short. So, as Qiew said, let’s keep her how she is without blending the lines even more between their roles.

Also, edit, yes Gemini can see uses in raids but without any taunting moves she just doesn’t hold up as well as Maxima. Gemini is not a clear cut winner for best sauropod for any raid yet.

Skoona is full raid, Max is raid and arena, and Gem is arena. Max gaining definite wouldn’t change this, it would let it beat cunnings a bit better

I have a level 30 unboosted still in my team and I still fight plenty of them. I’m in library.

I bet it gets a buff in 2.3, probably will get some armor back

but the problem is that, making that move definite with taunt, you’re probably now looking a three turn cooldown if a regular defense shattering rampage with taunt is two turn cooldown. that will also break many strategies and that cooldown will definitely hurt more in arena

I don’t think that would be necessary, as taunt doesn’t require extra cooldown, it would be fine as is

The main reason I changed the move is so there would be less Cooldown not to get rid of taunt

Max functions fine with the added CD tho

the only thing i would actually change to ardentis is maybe 100 more atack and 10% of armor ,only that because it feels balanced right now

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That’s acceptable I would prefer less Cooldown on the defense shattering rampage but I don’t think we would get everything we asked for

He is good in raids but still is replaceable. Once replaced then it’s technically useleaa. Bring it in arena? Surely your on the losing end specially if your on the top ranks. Agree that a slight buff even in armor and health would make it ok. Taking out its armor and considering it a “tank” is not acceptable. High health is nothing as there are really hard hitters out their.

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As for the balance of specific creatures I would say that the creatures that fuse epic DNA with legendary DNA those should be the strongest and the ones who use exclusive epic DNA should be even stronger. Kind of the philosophy of the harder the challenge the better the reward.

Here we go, another Buff Maxima thread again. Where are the “buff Ptero, Stygi, Spino” threads? How about trying to balance the game and get some unused dino on the board instead. Nope, it’s better to start the same usual thread with the same usual guys, asking to buff the same dino that 99.9% of the player have already in their team. Yep, this is really good for balancing the game. We could go another step better, how about asking for a buff for both Indoraptors, Utarinex, Smiley, Dilo, etc. They are good dino, but they could use a small buff way before Maxima. Not only this could bring variety into the game, but it would be fun to see different dinos more often, and also no longer seeing the same threads coming back here as well (mainly: Let’s buff Maxima).

Do you guys want to buff or nerf maxima? Make up your mind!!!

Maxima should be buffed he should be a top 3 creature at all times

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