Ardentismaxima in JWTG

My suggestion:
Brachiosaurus + Secodontosaurus

14681 HP
2467 AT
80,480 DNA


That’s a great idea! Since Brachiosaurus and Secodontosaurus don’t have hybrids yet, Ardentismaxima can be added to the game. The price is too high, though, so maybe 60k-65k DNA?

Although i like ardentismaxima he is a super hybrid and i don’t think ludia will change it into a normal hybrid. But we can get him if we get an argentinosaurus gen 2 and once we get s dna for limited creatures

I think they would, scorpius rex is a superhybrid in Jwa but just a normal in jwtg

Nope I calculated the price based off it’s ferocity. It’s ferocity is between Dracoceratops and armormata and so it’s dna cost is there too

Scorpius rex gen2 is a hybrid in JWA as well as scorpius gen1 but the gen2 has a superhybrid which is known as scorpius rex gen3 which got some modifications from gorgosaurus but scorpius rex.

Yep but still unlike scorpius we can get maxima as a s hybrid

I was thinking about an original hybrid between Seco and Brachi and then Argentinosaurus S-DNA to make Ardentismaxima.
Same components, but differently arranged, and we’ll still have Maxi as a S-Hybrid