Ardentismaxima (Maxine) - Counter List

I have Ardentismaxima on both my accounts so having to do 10 battles to finish my daily I purposely played fresh against different creatures to see what I can counter with her.

As of now, I only beat her with one other creature in a head to head friendly battle at level 26.
As of now the only counter to Maxine is Trykosaurus.

This is the list of the different creatures she can counter so far:
Indoraptor - very easy
Tenontorex - very easy
Procerathomimus - was close but easy
Utasinoraptor - easy
Indoraptor Gen 2 - A little less easy than Indoraptor
Thoradolosaur with a critical hit on its 1st move AND instant charge.
Erlidominus - very easy

Basically Ardentimaxima is a good investment in leveling AND boosting to stay even with other boosted creatures and ensure you can counter the listed and more.

Others I noted:
Tryostronix beats Purataurus
Indoraptor Gen 2 beat Utasinoraptor
Erlidominus beats Utrinex
Erlidominus beats Tourmaloch


Yea, they way over buffed her. Ludia keeps releasing power creep dinos so people spend more money to put them on their teams.


We haven’t heard the cries to nerf this one yet because most don’t have them yet.

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If/when they nerf her I hope it’s just a cut in damage. That’s the main thing stopping previous counters(Thor, Tenonto) from beating her. Everything else is perfect and deserved for a unique such as this :heart_eyes:

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We needed a dino like this that can take out those over boosted and speeded dino’s that one shot entire teams.

Maxine isn’t like Thor or Utasino where she can one shot anything so I don’t see a reason for a nerf. She gets whittled down and in no way can out speed anything to get first hits in so anything faster gets in a hit unlike going against speedy Thors, Utasino’s and Erlidominus’s.

She is a good balanced Unique that can now be seen as having unique status.


Well stegodeus used to have armor piercing rampage but they nerfed it and said tanks shouldn’t be countering tanks yet max has definite rampage which even goes through shields. Then ludia buffed bleeds to be tank counters but the new tanks are immune so cant do that. So now you need a rending creature.

Overbuffed her? Maxima deserves everything she got, considering her origins and her status as a unique that uses 2 epics. Plus it’s not unbalanced in the slightest.



I would say the opposite. Unless Erlidom crits, a Rinex Distract and Charge will take down Erlidom every time

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Why are players so concerned when Sauropods or Tanks in general get some buff?
Do they only want Chompers to dictate in the Arena?

We are getting to see some increase in non Chompers in the Arena. When they changed SI Shattering Rampage to regular Rampage, Tanks are becoming relevant again.

Even with those Buffs it’s hard to take down some particular Green Menace.


Erlidom should never start with rampage first.
Erlidom needs to start with Clock.
Rinex goes with Impact and Instant Stun.
Rinex need to hit both times.

Erlidom should win this matchup 75% of the time.


How is Grypo against her?

next update should be

Stegodeus gets armour piercing rampage
Megalosuchus gets 20% crit chance and 15% armour
Remove immune to distraction and immune to stuns from indoraptor, it is unfair

Then the game is fixed

No, don’t remove that from Indo. Do you want Indo to be a trash unique? Its a movie hybird mate, it deserves to be strong


If you remove those Immunities from Indo, then it’ll go back to being a forgotten Unique again. These Immunities help it stay relevant in a Distraction and Stun saturated Meta.


Ardentis, high enough and boosted can take out Tryko too. At least until Definite Rampage still pierces armor.

Wait, is that confirmed? I thought Gamepress just datamined it?

I don’t have Grypolyth yet. It’s a work in progress.

Nah not confirmed. I really hope it won’t happen. If it does, definite Rampage will become a worse version of nulifying rampage, as it won’t be able to nulify speed increase and attack increase

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Grypo is a meh counter it’s a bit hit and miss sometimes though as the definite Rampage gets rid of the much needed shield Grypo needs. Also immobilize doesnt do anything. It kinda depends on luck and how boosted everyiljig ks

Does Marsupial Lion beat Ardentismaxima? It is Immune to deceleration after all.