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Ardentismaxima might be busted now

Chompers was it’s greatest threat, specifically thor. With the damage and crit buff it got, it can theoretically slow thor down (after taking an impact obviously), then survive an instant charge and kill thor with definite rampage. This might apply with the other chompers too, and i cant think of anything that can stop it. Ardentis might actually be a problem


Could be… could be fun.
I know that once the 1.9 notes dropped, I immediately leveled it up as much as I could, (25 currently), and boosted it to 6/6/0.
I tried it out a couple times yesterday and was surprised at how well it did even before the coming buffs.
My team was in dire need of a second tank anyway so this is just what the doc ordered.

So, because something can survive and even defeat Thor it is a problem?

I see no problem there.


Im not saying its a problem that it can kill thor. Im saying it might be an issue since the chomper class cant stand up to it effectively, it may not have any true counters. The only one i can think of is Magnapyritor, but even thats a gamble

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I doubt it. It’ll be fine. In an arena setting, thors are huge and will still be able to thrash most of them. Tryko can also manhandle it.

Indoraptor Gen 2, maybe? :thinking:

Dunno, maybe, max can slow so it might be able to kill it

Carnotarkus :thinking:

Should be faster. Throw up shield. Can take decel, then hit it with precise rampage after it uses definite. Should deal with her nicely

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I can only hope Maxine will be a problem and a good counter to many other dinos. It a unique. Uniques should be tough.


Yeah, the rend buff will make others relevant, including the much maligned and forgotten grypolyth.

Yeah, I think the only thing that can take it down is Tryko.Perhaps Carnotarkus or Dio can do it, but I would have to calc it. If it lost almost all it’s counters(it can 2 shot both Thor and Tenonto) then that’s a balance problem. I love Ardentis and am overjoyed that it got those well deserved buffs, since I myself asked for them. But for it to be more balanced all it needs is to have the damage toned down a bit so the counters can still take it out. 1100 damage is enough for it. All the other stats are necessary and totally fine imo. Though we’ll see how it goes. The only reason I’m saying all this is because I’m concerned about all the nerf threads this thing will have and the possible exagerated nerf it could get next update. Since I love the thing I don’t want that :sweat_smile:

Magna can’t do it either unless it crits. Tryko I’m sure can take it out, unless ardentis crits I guess.