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Ardentismaxima OR Geminititan, which one to go after post 1.9 patch based on my resources!

Hi guys,

I have a question: Ardentismaxima OR Geminititan, which one to go after post 1.9 patch based on my resources?

My Ardentismaxima is level 24 and Geminititan is level 23 currently. Whole team is level 30 besides level 28 Rat and level 29 Magna. Currently consists of Dilorach, Rat, Tryko, Dio, Magna, Erlidom, Thor, Utranex … Have level 30 Indoraptor, level 28 Erlikospkx benched and can use them in team based on suggestions from you all.

I got

  • 13K Brachi DNA, 19K Second and 31K Argeno …
  • 5K Diplo, 8.9K Aramb and 9K Koola gen 2 …

I am thinking about replacing Rat + Dilo for other dinos. Please suggest whom I got for Ardin or Gemini (especially for darting this weeks event, I am thinking about going all Diplo as arena exclusive dino).

Thanks in advance

I think that in 1.9 they will be quite near each other and probably the choice will be in terms of personal preference more than team composition. I give a little edge to Gemini due to her little more versatile kit compared to Maxima (null, decel, distract, shield vs decel, shatter+remove evasive + shield), but surely Ardentis’ definite ramapage will be scary!!!
On the other hand Maxima is way easier to level up than Gemini. So taking this factor, your team and your amount of dna into the equation in your situation i would suggest going for Maxima, even if i prefer Gemini.
Edit since Brachi is on daily mission this month, i suggest however to dart Diplo, you can always level up Gemini in the bench and switch it over Maxima if you want


Thanks for detailed reply. thats what I was thinking too.

Any suggestion to replace whom in my team with Indorap and/or erlikospyx and/or Arden/Gemini after 1.9 drops?

It’s really hard to choose, it’s a very well balanced and competitive team. I would try probably dilorach for spyx and dracocera for ardentis. Indo despite the big buff i don’t know, i think that you have to see how it performs after the update, because i would not switch it for a tank if you have found the right balance in your team.
But 1.9 Magna will probably be top 3 dino in the game (they gave it 150 hp more than 1.7 when they nerfed) so that’s untouchable. Maybe the only one is rinex, but it depends on if your spyx at your level can counter Thor consistantly, because Dilorach at that level can, and if you took out rinex you switch out 2 Thor counter, but replacing spyx for rinex would probably make your team too fragile against dracocera even if spyx is a direct counter. In 1.9 Maxima will counter Thor at even levels too, you can take that into consideration also.
Otherwise you can think to switch out a tank, but i wouldn’t do that. First because i like both tryko and dio, second because they work well in tag-team with the counter-attack.
So in your situation i would probably try sone sort of combination replacing dracocera, dilorach and rinex, with the first being the only sure to being switched out.
What do you think?

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Edit: if we find out that after 1.9 indo can consistantly counter Tryko and Dio, switching out Thor could be an other solution.

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I agree with your points especially the last point where you mentioned 3x dinos. I like Utranex because of high HP and good moves but can think about replacing him too if there are other good tyrant Dinos after 1.9 …

First to go for sure is Draco as I didn’t boosted him much and I just use him once and then let him die, 2nd Dilorach as he seems like losing its benefit by a lot …

Dilorach dipends on the usage of it and the boost: if used purely as a revenge killer and well boosted it can still make the diffierence to me. Otherwise i agree with you to be the second to switch off. I feel sorry for dilorach cause it’s one of my favourite but in this probably immune meta it has been indirectly nerfed. At least Rinex has instant charge…

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I’ll use Ardentismaxima. After some thinking figured out it will be great counter for Indo and Smilonemys. Also can counter Yoshi.

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Just wanted to give update; last night I started fusing as felt like having some better luck in fusing.

Geminititan is now level 25 and ran out legend ingredients DNA whereas have 3K Diplo DNA.

Ardentismaxima is now level 27 and I got some good ingredients count for legend DNA but have 4700 DNA from brachio, still seems like I will be able to hit level 28 on him when patch 1.9 lands.

Level 28 Ardentismaxima will be good enough to be part of my team, right?

Absolutely, if obviously boosted. But stat wise i think 1.9 Ardentis can work also if underleveled. So yes!!