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Ardentismaxima Or Mammolania?

I have 240 of Ardentismaxima so far because of the championship and because I darted Quetzorion on the anniversary week. But I was working towards mammolania, and I can easily get enough mammoth (I have a level 20 meio and I’m set for elasmo) in 2-3 months I’m thinking. If I only did mammoth for 4 months, worst case scenario I level mammotherium to 20 and I have 15 pops at mammolania and get 150 DNA. If I do Ardentis, I’ll only need to do one pop but mammolania seems to be a bit more useful from my experience with mammotherium and ardontosaurus (poor man’s versions of both). So who to go for? The immune tower, or the OP son of a cow?

If I were you, i would wait for the update. I can level up my Maxima to 27,my erlidom to 26 and my Dio to 24, but i’m waiting for the update… They can be nerfed, they can receive some buffs… We just need to wait


Oh, wait, your Maxima is almost ready, right? Wait before leveling up your Mammolania, but if you are so close to fusing Ardentis, just go for it!

I believe ardent is getting nerfed. Just a rumor tho. I don’t have Mammolania and I’ve only fought a few so idk :slight_smile:

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Yea, my brachi is able to get to level 20 and when I complete the brachi tower I’ll be set for brachi, and my ardonto is a higher level than my mammotherium (17)

Thing is, ardentis was in the brachiosauridae while mammolania wasn’t with the rhinos, meaning it won’t recieve the co-op abilities (I believe)

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Wait for the update then, better than waste coins for nothing

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Go for both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My Maxi could go up but so could over half my team, I have not spent a cent since the boost reset announcement, saving all dna and coin until the new update settles down and can get a better understanding for what is going on.

Get that mammoth DNA, but save it. Currently, entelomoth is the best creature in the game, better than mammolania. If it gets the same treatment with its hybrid, where the hybrid has the same moveset but better stats, then that’s gonna be broken as it’s hard to improve entelomoth, so wait for that hybrid.

I liked mammotherium better than entelomoth simply for the definite attack before the nerf tbh, that’s why I was going for lania

Lania is a pretty solid option

Since mammo looks like something created on “bring your child to work day” I say Maxima.

Maxima is way easier to upgrade plus if you boost a lot of health and attack with some speed; it can be insane. It is literally a Dino with shattering, decelerating, and shielding moves along with lots of attack and some armor