Ardentismaxima’s impact on the meta?

So I have just created ardentismaxima and have only used her in friendlies as she’s only 22. In friendlies she can be pretty beastly and with a one move CD on decel impact… I actually like her move set all around. Sadly, her attack is very underwhelming for what I was hoping. In people’s opinion, is she worth sinking boots into? I really want to boost her up, but I don’t want my personal desires to cloud overall good judgement. Thanks in advance for any help! I really appreciate any and all ideas!

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To avoid having to retype everything… here is a thread some of us have discussed ardentis on :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. I have been looking for articles but haven’t found much. I agree with either 10% armor or .25 counter attack. 30 percent crit would be nice too. Still trying to figure if it’s worth it overall…boosts wise.

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Mine isnt at team level yet, so shes still underwhelming… but my guess is that she’ll be decent at a bit higher than team lvl.

She needs more attack, that’s the main problem.

That’s exactly what I’m seeing with her. I can deal with the low speed because of its moveset, and it’s health isn’t bad. She just seems really handicapped right now. And get rid of decel strike for shielding strike!


Is it not better to level up the legendary one?

How to find all those Epic dna?

Id prefer pinning strike :slight_smile:

@Moksha hmm, Ardonto (legendary version) has significantly less HP, and a bit different moveset. The Definite Rampage is guaranteed to hit through anything with big damage, so that’s always preferred

Ardonto is useless, Ardentis is definitely better

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Shielding strike would be better and possibly make a bit more sense, well at least in my head

Well they each work against different opponents :rofl::rofl:

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Maybe shielded pinning strike? :grinning: Let’s make it happen!

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I’d really like for it to get some love

10% armor and 30% crit would be great

Maybe it could get that new shielded decelerating strike?


Maybe if it didn’t have immunity the other stat requests shooting for the moon would make perfect sense?

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@MementoMori well the best part about it is the immunity :joy: but I mean… it has no stats to distract the opponents damage, so it’s almost always gonna get hit with full damage (unless using the shield but even that isn’t the most useful, just delays the inevitable)… looking at other Uniques, I think it would be fair that ardentis should get a buff lol but then again, we can have this argument for a lot of other uniques as well who also deserve some love :grin:


While I would love to see some armour and more crit, a single dinosaur cant have everything.

Unless its Monostego but even that doesn’t have immunity.

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Obviously I dont truly think ardentis will get everything we want lol but even if it ended up with something like
10% armor 20% crit and then a bit of a buff to its attack… maybe that seems more realistic? :thinking::grin:

And I mean… theyre not immune, but Tryko has 30% armor and crit, instant distracts, instant Invincibility, good health, amazing damage with a DSR :joy:
Let’s see, utarinex has distracting impact, instant charge, rampage and run, can also slow if needed with decent health and amazing attack…
Dilorach can cleanse distraction and slow, distracting strike, 2 rampages with one stunning and one running. Ok health and great attack…
Magna is fast, immune, can distract, DSR, nulls, and it crits all day…
Do I have to go on about Thor as well? :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Along with a few others who are beasts lol

I just want justice for ardentis :rofl: and also want new hybrids, specially uniques to be relevant in higher arenas, its boring to always see the same dinos in battle day in and day out for so many months lol

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Yeah you make good points, a unique should be good.

Im just wondering if Sock Puppet could be used instead since its easier to access its DNA then its unique version.
Are the stats that much worse?

However my Socky is only 18 so not useable either way lol

One of Ardentismaxima’s main problems are that it can’t survive long enough. Ardonto has 4650 health and 20 more attack. It’s not as good


Who do you think has a better moveset? Maximus Noodlus Meridius or Socky?