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Ardentismaxima’s impact on the meta?

Personally I think Maxima has the best move set, but noodle and the best stats

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Ah but come on, don’t you think that uniques should be meta relevant? The way it is right now doesn’t make it worth adding to an end game team, immunity doesn’t make up for underwhelming stats. Imo the buff requests are mostly the minimum for it to be good enough.

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i miscalculated or ardentimaxima at same level can finish:

diloracheirus, magnapyritor, erlidominus, erlikospyx, utasinoraptor…


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Most definitely. 100%.


I wish she had counter attacks

I wish she had a magic wand that removed boosts


@MementoMori Yes. That is what the game needs. The amount of problems this would solve… :joy:

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Oh god please :pray::rofl:

look at tyrants and apex this long neck abomination can destroy…

are u guys crazy asking for a buff? do u want this sauropod to be next thor?

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I’m sorry but what tyrants or apex can this long necked kitten destroy?

I mean 1.7 tiers, of course. We don’t have tier list for 1.8 yet.

But, according to 1.8 numbers:

  • Diloracheirus: 2 shots (getting only 1 back).
  • Erlikospyx: 2 shots (only 1 back).
  • Magnapyritor: 2 shots (2 back).
  • Erlidominus: 2 shots (2 back).
  • Utasinoraptor: 2 shots (2 back).

Indoraptor would be an epic fight. Can win or loose depending on both choices. :heart_eyes:

All above not considering critical success for any, even maxima itself.

All 1 against 1, no swap, and same level without boosts (i think that’s the way tiers are calculated, except for crit).

I didn’t need to simulate best moves or so for that 5 dinos… all maxima has to do is slowdown impact + definite rampage and bye bye. maxima is IMMUNE, no distract or slowdown will work. and has very high hp to survive a second and definite shot.

Yes. I want other strong dinos beside the ones we already have thank you very much. The meta is stale as it is and Ardentis can be a good addition. If you test it in friendlies, it’s not that strong at all. For a unique made from 2 epics and a rare it definitely needs a buff.


The fact is that it loses from all the rest :joy::joy:.
Erlidom can beat it with some luck, magna leave it with a bunch of hp ready for a set up. Then again, spyx loses from parasaurolphus, and with dilorach both can lose from whuero, that’s not the point. Ardentis simply dies too easily for what it’s supposed to be, at least for me.
But with a few changes it could be ok: a bunch of hp more, a bit of armor, brachi’s speed and crit, bellow instead II, and maybe an other basic move. Nobody asked for it to have 1.5k damage😂



it doesnt need more hp it almost hits 10k maxx boosted. it needs armor


Let’s make it hit 10k then :joy::joy:
Jokes aside, it needs more survivabilty in general

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ok… let me ask for a buff to geminititan too, thanks.

with a buff, it can kill all that rest. :laughing:

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@AndreMR geminititan already got a buff lol

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yep, but i want more. more moooooore!!! :laughing:

i want these uniques be all tyrant. :smiling_imp:

and nerf draco! :fist: