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Ardentismaxima... something that would make more sense 🧐

So, Ardentismaxima is without a doubt my favorite hybrid out of the new ones, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites overall :grin:

A few changes that I strongly feel that make sense and would be fair in the sense that it would not become too OP…

Adding the 10% armor and increasing the crit to 30% like its parent Brachi has would greatly improve it to be a more well rounded Sauropod.
Then onto HP and Attack… HP is very decent, still have to see base numbers compared to brachi and ardonto to see if it needs a buff, but the attack could get a little bit of an increase, it’s an unique dino, it feels like it deserves a little more punch :facepunch::smirk:

The moveset is great, except for the Decel strike… It’s a bit useless given it already has decel impact which has 1 turn cooldown, perhaps getting argentinos Pinning Strike would give it another interesting tool?
Other strikes that it could have are Nullifying Strike or Definite Strike, but that could make it too strong vs cloakers/dodgers, and they already took a big hit this update :fearful::joy:

Do share your thoughts about Ardentis, I’m interested to see what others think about it and what suggestions would be made :slight_smile:

@J.C @Jorge @John @Ned is this an idea you wonderful people could pass onto the devs? I know they have a lot on their hands atm, but maybe improving these new dinos just a bit will help the playerbase be more motivated to grind going after their components to use them in their teams, avoiding the “problem” of people “not using” the cool new dinos you guys made for us :wink:

Hope everyone is enjoying 1.8 so far!


As i said in the other post, main thing to me is increase the stats, and most of all crit and armor (i would also increase speed to 109 but it’s debatable)


To me he needs some armor. Really without armor any rampage from big cloakers will deal massive damage. And Rat at very high ATK boost can still take him out easy.

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Slowing shielding strike
Deaccelerating impact
Definite rampage

5400 health
1100 damage
Speed 129
Crit 30
Armour 10


That could be an other solution, maybe with not 129 speed😂

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But that would be epic

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It’s a shame that maxima will lose even to its grandma secondo ( 5813 damage in 2 moves)

It definitely needs a buff for its unique status. Above suggestions are excellent ! I prefer instant invincibility over bellow though since decelerating impact has CD 1 only!


Geminititan was buffed big time, so what’s to say Maxima won’t be

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True lol I just dont understand why they didn’t make it a better dino right from the start… there’s no reason not to

But anyways :joy:

@Legomin1314 yes, I agree about Instant Invincibility, its quite useful

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Personally, with like 1150 attack, a touch more health, 30% crit and 10 Armour, possibly a bit more speed could make Maxima way more useful

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It’s speed puts in below Thor and Tenonto. Give it brachi speed armour and crit chance. Decel strike can also be changed to shielding strike or something would make it an immune brachi with shield.


It could be Slowing shielding strike

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I feel like it doesn’t need another slowing move though. Decel impact only has 1 turn cooldown.

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The more the merrier

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Nah, I agree with steve, no need for decel strike.

As I said up there, my best choice would be pinning strike :slight_smile:

Higher speed at 110-111 is definitely key as well


Brachio has 111 speed, why not 110 speed for Ardentismaxima? With 108 speed and low attack is currently useless.

I’ll pass it along, @Pedrovisk. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback as well, everyone!


Yay, thanks for noticing this, buffing Maxima would really make me happy

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Whilst your at it, tell the Devs I thank them for the Daryx buff


none of new hybrids deserves a tyrant tier then?