Ardentismaxima... something that would make more sense 🧐

@Ned thank you, sir! :pray::star_struck:

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As of now I don’t think so. But with the buffs @Pedrovisk suggested it could certainly be :slight_smile:

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Totally and utterly agree with this. I don’t have this beautiful beast yet, but I already fell in love with it. I want to put it on my team once created but the current stats prevent it from being end game material. So like you said, I ask Ludia, make us WANT to spend on those cool new dinos! And more, this is an awaited sauropod brachi unique! It must be strong and meta relevant!
I think slowing shielded strike is the perfect option to replace the basic move, most of the time, pinning strike is not that useful. Perhaps she could have a new move, shielded pinning strike. The rest of the moveset is very good imo, though bellow isntead of instant invincibility could be very useful, I’d be into it. For me the ideal stats are mostly the same:
5400-5600 HP
1100-1200 Damage
108-109 speed
10% armor
30% crit
I could be wrong, but I don’t think it needs more damage and speed than this. with immunity and armor, Maxima’s counters are just the chompers, so it doesn’t have to be faster than them(Thor, Tenrex and Tryko), and with high HP it shouldn’t have extremely high damage, though it indeed lacks a punch right now. I think those changes will make it take it’s well deserved spot as a tyrant :heart_eyes:

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That 129 speed got me :rofl:

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maxima needs to be the tank savior! Please make it great, Ludia !


Pinning or shielding strike would be nice to have, heck it deserves decel shield better than Miragaia, Mira was already strong, they just had to make it stronger with the slow shield. Also, armor indeed. I don’t know about crit since it already has somewhat high HP and immunity, so might make it too OP then.

@Ned @Jorge @J.C @John since we’re on the topic of underpowered Uniques, would it be possible to put a good word in for Pterovexus?

I like it a lot, but as everyone has mentioned in other posts, it could use a little love. I’m not worried about it’s health, but mainly it’s attack and moves:

I would drop it’s pinning strike attack in favor for evasive strike since it correlates with its Gallimimus/Monomimus ancestry.

Pterovexus NEEDS a rampage move. I suggest Distracting Rampage since Monolophosaurus has it. For extra flavor, maybe it’s Swoop can be exchanged for Lethal Swoop :man_shrugging:

I would also suggest an attack boost to at least 1200-1250 at 26 to create more initiative in placing the creature on player teams

Please, please, please :pray:


I agree with you on the pterovexus, but instead of distracting rampage, it could have definitive rampage(darwin gets dsi and mono has null) and keep distracting impact for the first turn distract, which is more valuable for survivability. Other than that I’m totally in favor of it getting evasive strike and lethal swoop :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be too OP with 30% crit unless they buff the damage a lot. If not, the damage it has now doesn’t make it OP even with 30% crit. Besides, crit got nerfed anyway. So this thing needs all the buffs it can get XD not that I want it to be better than the other meta dinos, just equal to the good uniques.

I plan on making this critter to replace my Ankylocodon, but I think people will just complain about its crits and they’ll NERF its attack, which I don’t want to happen as it already has a somewhat low attack. I’d like it if it got buffed as it could give Thor a run for its money.

Yeah, the problem with excessive buffs is that they prompt excessive nerfs. Though in this case I don’t think the suggestions here are excessive, they seem just right :ok_hand:
And about Thor, actually chompers like thor are supposed to be the counters for Maxima, not the other way around, it’s even on Maxima’s description XD Though I agree we need a new distracting unique designed to counter Thor and please give Magna her hp back again :pray:

Ardentis would still deal a lot of damage to Thor (especially with crits, plus it would slow it down, and if the Thor tries to use a stun attack instead of a chomp attack on turn 2, it will do a total of 4200 if no crit happens and Thor goes for insant charge (for lvl 26 both of them) Ardentis has 5340 HP, and would get the upper hand for 2 turns if using the decel impact on first. Deals 1545 once, 2060 second turn, and if it took just an instant charge because the Thor user wanted to hit first, it can then deal another 1545 on 3rd turn before Thor can use the rampage. That’s a total of 5150 damage, and Thor’s HP is 4200 at lvl 26. If the thor user is wise and uses chomp attacks and no instant charge, Ardentis still munched most of Thor’s HP and it’s game for an erlidominus or something fast. This if no Utarinex is available to deal with the Thor.

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Indeed, you are correct. But as you said, it still loses against thor, even if thor doesn’t hard counter it. Using instant charge is a misplay unless the Thor would die anyway that turn. With that said, I don’t want abysmal stats, just something to make it meta. If it has less than 5880 hp thor will defeat it without any crits. Of course, I’m not asking for that much hp XD it’s just for reference. I think 5400hp 10% armor, 30% crit, a slight attack buff and a change in the moveset(basic move and instant invincibility perhaps) is enough. The problem is that right now, it doesn’t tank or damage well enough.

Rat kills things easily, period

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Yes as he attack from bottom/under the dino to upwards, lol :slight_smile:

After using maxima for sometime now, I have to say that it’s moveset is perfect. Deceleration will make sure that it will never lose speed advantage in any situation.

It still needs a buff though. Hope they update it even with just brachio 30 % crit + 10% armor … … or increase damage + 200 or more … or same damage but decelerating rampage instead of impact.