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Ardentismaxima.... to strong

image That’s my strategy for handling Ardent


@Jay_Winn Lol, Grammar mistake in the title, wrong to should be too

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If we are taking a trip down picky street, it should be grammar not grammer…


Congratulations. No won cares.



Let’s get back on-topic.

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Only the bleeders can do something…
it mean no unique can handle it (since spyx have no more bleed abilities)
Vexus and stigydarix are sure to die against him
You only have 2 things which have a chance to do a null matchup:
thylacotator and suchotator…
Yeah,he is still overbroken,his DSR should have been DSI and the reverse for thor

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usually my 21 indom can take it out no boosts or my twenty rex can hit it real hard no boosts also.

Not sure what world you’re playing in but Erl has 0 chance of winning, heck most Maximas can practically tank a cloaked rampage from her. Maxima probably deserves a slight toning down

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You can bleed him. You can use a bigger maxima or you could take off a big chunk of life with Thor. A high level tenrex can win

Honestly i’m so tired of seeing this big ugly thing

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I’d much rather have slowing impact back and keep DSR, thank you very much. Don’t get me wrong, i think Maxima is too strong now but I’d never take away it’s DSR, her best move. Then she would have almost the exact kit as gemini but worse. What this dino needs the most is a damage nerf, i think 1100 is good enough If It gets the impact back. Also the HP should go back to 5700 imo.
Although i do wish Thor gets it’s DSR back.


My baby :heart::heart:

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That’s terrifying!!! Can I friend you for mortem raids?

I have a super boosted tenontorex and still it gets beaten

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That’s why I made it

How does either indom beat Maxima?

i use both lvl 21 and lvl 20 I rex and T rex to take one out

I’m IronCaptain 2540 send me a friend request!