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Ardentismaxima.... to strong

How does either indom beat Maxima?

i use both lvl 21 and lvl 20 I rex and T rex to take one out

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yes it is too strong… ludia will nerf it after most people have a level 30 one. dont’ worry

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Boosted in what tiers? It would require enough speed to be able to distract first, enough hp to take the first hit and 2nd hit, and enough attack to take maxima down with the rampage, and this only for the maxima that puts most of its points into attack and very little into speed/ medium in HP.

If you nerf the damage,no problem for me
But 2 rampage moves is overkill,i agree it need decelerating impact.
As tryko need to stop cleanse distraction,having a slowing option and the possibility to kill cloaked enemies.

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I have some suggestions. Don’t look at them as one big nerf, rather as many ways of how to make Maxima balanced

  • Reduce HP to 5400
  • Reduce attack to 1200
  • Change GSR to GSI
  • Change DSR to APR
  • Change II to Bellow
  • Reduce armor to 10%
  • Reduce speed to 104

I love seeing all these indo people wasting their boost just to get their whole team wiped. :joy: I also have a super easy method for dentist and I’ve seen a few smart enough to have figured it out as well. I use dentist so imma just move along

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Indeed, Tryko shouldn’t cleanse distraction, though It should definitely keep the resilient counter but replace resilient impact for decelerating or slowing impact. And It could get it’s 4500 HP back since It can’t cleanse distraction anymore.

I think those 4 are good options. The other ones are a no-no for me(especially 5400 hp and APR). Imo Maxima should have HP in the range of 5700-5800, no more or less, and lower damage than you suggested, around 1050-1100. And i would never trade it’s DSR for anything, this is something that as an user it’s a must on Maxima for me.

Moderator : How many post you need to ask a nerf for maxima
People on this forum : YES


Too much, it’s should be the best Dino in this game (Made with epic exclusive, local epic, and daily rare (little hard to find )

As I said, these suggestions aren’t supposed to be all used as a one big nerf. They’re just different ways of how to balance Maxima. Use only one or some of them, not all. As @Isaah_Wii did

Ahh i see, i will choice the speed nerf (because it’s have speed control, armor, attack, and Hp (around 5700)

And btw:

  1. There shouldn’t be a “best” dino in JWA. Everything should be balanced. I know it’s impossible but should be an ultimate goal
  2. Maxima isn’t that hard to make. Brachi is an exclusive since 2.0. Before he was rather common, I have 3000 of his DNA despite using Maxima. And he’s featured in this week’s event. Somehow I have loads of Secodonto too. Argent is what’s blocking me but he’s not that hard to obtain too. And ofc keep in mind there was a Maxima championship
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Thylacolator Mamming Wound mean 4k+ health bleed? That´s what I like to see much more :D.

Oh…ok. Sorry I read that wrong. You are using both of them.

Alloraptor, thylacotator, and mortem rex are the only counters out there right now to max.

Enough with the Nerfing…deal with it

Since II isn’t working I guess Max got a nerf he deserved lol