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Ardentismaxima VS Geminititan At Their Best

Using stats of the past… we will be putting the twin towers at their best. Then you will decide who’d be more broken.

Health: 6000
Attack: 1300
Speed: 109
Armor: 15%
Critical: 30%

Definite Resilient Strike
Group Decelerating Rampage (Cooldown of old Decel Impact or 1 Cooldown)
Definite Taunting Rampage (1 Turn Cooldown)
Instant Invincibility Taunt

Full resistance to everything but 50% to crit reduction and no rend

Health: 6300
Attack: 1500
Speed: 110
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Nullifying Resilient Strike
Group Decelerating Rampage (Same cooldown as Decelerating Rampage or 1 Turn)
Definite Shield Advantage (2x, no delay, 1 turn cooldown with shield lasting as long as long protection)
Group Distracting Invincibility (100% distraction, 100% shields, 1 turn cooldown and no delay)

Basically Max’s resistances

Who would be more broken?

  • Ardentismaxima
  • Geminititan

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gemini is bettering every way except for armor and crit chance, it has a lot more use than max.

Max has 108 speed, not that it makes any real difference to the outcome of this poll.

It has 109 in 2.1

Right and your post is about using stats of the past?

To be fair at least it can break pierce armor with its own resilient strike and has a 30% chance to do more than Gemini’s double rampage

And current, see the new DSA

Maxima doesn’t have this “Definite Taunting Rampage (1 Turn Cooldown)”

It had definite rampage at its release, which at the time had a 1 turn cooldown. It has TSR now, for a taunt and defense shattering. I combined both and gave their old cooldowns

So you are combining old old stats, with current stats, and with 2.1 stats.

My mind has melted…


And to make Gemini even more OP I added its old ID to the mix

Gem was the most op dinosaur to ever walk in JWA. Easily.

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Wanna see Mammolania at its best?

Health: 4800
Attack: 1500
Speed: 115
Armor: 50%
Critical: 5%

Persistent Ferocious Strike
Definite Resilient Rampage (1 turn cooldown)
Dig In Taunt (New mechanics)
Taunting Bellow

Full resistance to vulnerable, speed decrease, distraction, bleed, swap prevention, and stun

There you go. A counter for both of these monsters

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ehh, that’s meh compared to the 2

No it’s much worse, nothing in the game could 1v1 Lania reliably with only 30% armor. More bulk and extra resistances would make it way more broken and it keeps the DR


Only 23 creatures on the roster couldn’t be OHKO’d and that’s without PFS

Clearly Gem


Well it looks like I am removing my Maxima because after tomorrow it will be reduced to a gecko and put in Geminititan. I even had boosts in my Maxima that will be lost when I refund them. Thanks Ludia and your extremism

Max is still going to be a viable option, especially boosted, it just can’t 3-0 teams anymore

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