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Ardentismaxima waiting for 2.1



Bye max, we will meet you again after Ludia nerf gemini in 2.2


Gemini might not be AS prominent tho. It is a lot harder to make courtesy of Diplodocus

Outside of Gemini Tourni right now



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Max will still be a top tier dino, everyone overreacts


Probably yes, however max will die after use the 2 rampage

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But then isn’t that what we’ve all been asking for? That he’s powerful enough to be useful but not 3 0 whole teams


Nah, it’s worse than you think. They didn’t balance it, they gutted It. Even If It isn’t complete trash compared to everything, It still feels like It doesn’t have the strenght it’s supposed to have, unless it’s boosted to the moon It gets beaten by too many things now. We need a middle ground between 2.0 and 2.1, that would be balanced. This thing will be now losing against many cunning creatures for heck’s sake.


Ok so take it off your team, I wont be. I’m sure you’ll be better for it, so I should be seeing you climb the ranks soon I have no doubt

I don’t have anything high enough to replace It, so no, i don’t plan to. Not to mention It is already boosted specifically for raids and i really love it’s design. But the fact is that It isn’t really top tier anymore and i hope Ludia fixes It in the future. Mind you, i don’t want It back to 2.0 stats, but as you can tell, i strongly feel It deserves to be stronger than It is now.

Let’s see. Health big nerf, damage nerf, rampage with 2 turns delay, no resistance to distraction. So you just gotta distract its rampage and you can kill it with most of your health left. And you can also bleed it as before (2.0). I don’t think it’s top tier anymore. Lots of stuff are better now.


I could conceivably replace it, I can have Gem in the high 20s within a week or so, but I wont. I am not saying it didn’t take a disproportionate hit I’m just saying it wont be useless so I for 1 will be allowing this to play out and expecting all this talk to be too extreme. I too hope they realize it was too harsh but it will still grace most library and up teams I’m sure

It’s like the way that Yoshi was allowed to be op, and dracoceratops when it had a swap in DSR, except this time Ludia dealt with the issue much sooner.

Why was it allowed to be this way in the first place though?

Why were we spoon fed it with a tourney that gave everyone the beast plus a load more in an incubator by way of what was an apology for a ‘mistake’?

Why are we getting the hardest part of it’s components every day this month?

Why did it become the go to Dino for the hardest raids?

Simple answer is that exactly what was hoped for came to fruition. The players boosted it, and now it’s no longer much good. A rampage and any attack is hopeless if it’s 100% distracted. Massive health will need loads more boosts. And why boost health if the damage it does is negated?

Exactly the same scenario as Yoshi and IndoR gen2 but made redundant much sooner.

There’s an irony with Gemini getting a buff and it being the current tourney reward. Players need to be once bitten twice shy here I think.


I don’t think their is irony in it at all…

@E.D Recently said they have a team working 2.0, one on 2.1, and a third working on 2.2

When you plan that far ahead you don’t accidentally drop patch notes when their is an advantage tournament starting the same day featuring components of your new hotness.

They just so happened to leave phor and monole alone cause hey they just so happen to work well this tournament and you already know their safe for another patch cycle.

It’s ironic as they are creating another op Dino to become the next to be spoon fed to us.