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Ardentismaxima with 1600 damage does 4000 per crit

4000 per crit and it crits most of the time. It’s a Thoradolasaur with more immunities, armor and hp.

It does seem to get the golden feet and crit nearly every move, I just assumed I was getting paranoid about the monster

Most fights It crits first or second move. Often it crits first two, fairly regularly first three. Very rarely does it not crit at all. The crit is happening way more often than 30% of the time.

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I think it does crit 30% of the time, but for such an already powerful creature, we tend to notice when it crits as they cause so much damage.

For example, just yesterday a Maxima one-shotted two of my creatures in a row, thanks to crits. Game over.

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Crit is always subjective. Particularly when you’re on the receiving end and it cost you the game… But overall, the funny part is: They nerfed Geminititan (was 6000hp before) and then proceeded to give all that health to Maxima who’s now 6000HP himself, has two 2X strong moves, and got 30% crit on top of that… Somebody should buy Ludia a calculator :slight_smile:


Maxima has 1300 damage.

Great job Ludia, just keep angering your players with 10000 HP Maximas running around. I guess a balanced arena like everyone wants is too hard to do

Mine has 2k damage… makes it more fun

That damage is entirely accurate cuz cries do +25% more damage

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Maxima does not have 1300 damage.

I wonder which dino(s) will be in the spotlight next release. We are all on the same boat and finding counters is all we can do.

I must be the exception. Or rather, everyone else is taking my crits. My Maxima rarely ever crits. Maybe 1 in 8? At the best 1 in 6.

It does at level 26

Yea so it doesn’t have 1300 attack. I doubt everyone just stops leveling it at 26.

Yeah, well most people reference it stats at 26. Most people prob dont know what its stats at 30 are except for those who have it at 30 but they dont know either cuz they prob boosted it. 26 is the one level where everything is even so its easier to recognize its stats by that number.

Indominus used to do that, imagine its crit with revenge cloak.

I have the same thing happen with mine. I get maybe one or two crits every other battle. Same happened with my brachy in tournament, I got something like three crits out of all my battles.

Haha… I haven’t bought (with real world money) a single boost but you keep hating.

So your argument is people don’t know what the attack is at the level they have it at because it’s attack is boosted. So let’s use the attack based off a level they don’t have it at without boosts as the reference.

Level 26 is normally used for reference because the stats aren’t things like 5149 health