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Ardentismaxima's shield disappears

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Area is was found in:
as topic
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- swap out a dino vs ardentismaxima as ardentismaxima uses instant 100% shield (the shield raised after opponent dino swapped out)
Step 2 - the swap in dino’s next attack of any kind can cause damage to ardentismaxima
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: now every moment

What type of device are you using: ios

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
what a bug since 2.0

Did the shield go up after the swap-in Dino entered? In that case it’s working as intended. It’s supposed to disappear if the opponent swaps before its used.

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I do not know if it’s working as intended or just a bug.

The problem here is what does Ludia consider 1 turn.

Description (translated from Spanish): Priority. 100% shield that cover 2 attacks. Lasts 1 turn.

Is the swap considered a move within the turn or is it considered a new turn?

Once this is clear we will know if move is working as intended or not.

We already know that this is working as intended, because Ludia explicitly stated that if you swap as the opponent uses IIT, the shield will disappear without doing anything.

I didn’t know… too many Ludia nonsense messages XD

i think the programmer is not quite clear the meaning of these descriptions…
no logic at all

or change the name of the move: 100% swap in and kill me shield

Description should be:

“We don’t know if this is working as intended or not becasue copywriter doesn’t even understand the move we designed”

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Yeah if you read the description on the move now they changed it to read “this turn” so the turn it’s used. So if you use ii and the opponent does something like a priority like cloak or evasive or swaps. You essentially wasted a turn and your opponent “played well” in Ludias words. Meaning the best time to really use it is the turn after a a cloak goes off.

Other then that your taking a risk on a wasted turn.