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Ardentismaximus players and Trykosaurus starters

Tired of dealing with these players and their stoppage time in the beginning of each battle to see what everyone else has

It’s the meta you have a problem with in this case. When a creature is good, people use it. The usual.
In this case they are both good and hard to counter, and that’s Ludia’s fault.


Whatever the meta happens to be, build a team that completely counters it since most players go meta.

Now if the meta dinosaurs dont HAVE counters, well thats a whole different problem lol


i won’t say the actuel meta can be counter…
You will say bleeders?Its easy to deflect them.

I haven’t played in a very long time so couldn’t make any comments on actual in game strategy or tactics these days, someone who has been playing the game without breaks would really need to see if there if a counter to the meta.

I mean at the end of the day if you can put together any sort of team that can at least cause issues for the dinosaurs most players use, then you will have more success…though it could require using dinosaurs you dont like, but they may be effective.

I have been away too long and not followed the changes in recent patches though to offer any credible advice these days.

2.0 is a step in a good direction,
I think the game need some “ajustement”
Omnipresence of resilience made evasion pointless.
Few stats fix so we can have some fair tournaments:
-For sarcorixis,dracorex,phorusaura and some others as example.
And few uniques with just need a “nerf”


Here’s team building in this meta in a nutshell.

Tryko, Max, Magna, Dio

Those are your superstars

After that you look for your role players and ask one question.

Can it atleast stay alive long enough to hit max and tryko twice?

If the answer is no you need consider if you have a better option. Because to many no’s and you’ll just set yourself up for a sweep if you get a bad draw.


Ahh I see, thanks :slight_smile:

Really interested to see how things are these days, been many changes from the looks of things and would love to do a raid :smiley:


Best counters for Maxima are Thylacotator and Marsupial Lion. Tryko only real counter is Maxima, as Tryko now can cleanse distraction turn 1 with Resilient Impact.

Everybody boosted Max and Tryko to high heaven.


yup,those both need a nerf.
And maybe magna and dio are somehow a bit too strong but then for uniques,it will be almost good.

Yeah I keep around a vex to troll them

Thylac eats tryko up and alloraptor eats both max and tryko

Alloraptor is too fragile and also hard to lvl to be really useful in arena.

Though yeah, can counter Tryko, same as Thyla and Lion.

Still ridiculous, that Tryko has only one real unique counter. Magna counters it, but is
badly damaged. Max has no unique counters though.

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Ah yes. Nullifying counter is back, here we come :rofl:

I’m tired of this creature

Lame players use this creature

Smart ones do too

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Another Vexus user. I approve

This is my ‘A’ Team at the moment based on these being the most used 8 creatures of the top 10 players. These do very well. If your going to invest time (or money) to build a winning team that will get you as far as you can go, this would be it.

My Team 20200817

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I don’t get this sorry game anymore, I hit a thor with precise rampage that ssys ut dustracts and it didn’t distract