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Ardentismaximus players and Trykosaurus starters

Game is so stupid anymore, you game creators are terrible at Jurassic Park and Jurassic World’s image.

Since when does PRECISE rampage distract? That’s not the game’s fault.


More and more players are stopping to play halfway through a match when facing certain creatures and because of the monotonous gameplay that sometimes results from the current gameplay, never seen this before.


Replying to the comment above that’s exactly the point this game is too confusing now with every move you can do, precise rampage says it makes damage less for 2 turns which is like the same thing as distract, when I did it on thor it worked for one turn. I still don’t know how to read what each attack does the way it is formatted ie Target lowest hp it doesnt even make sense and I still don’t know what revenge is and don’t tell me.

Your monolo is still small

Me too a big one

There is no Precise Rampage I don’t think. There is only Precise Pounce and High Pounce. BOTH of these reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks LASTING 1 turn. WHich means it lasting only 1 turn on Thor was correct.

That is specific to RAIDS only. As in raids you fight upto 3 creatures at the same time, so some attacks will specifically target the lowest HP opponent, or the highest damage etc. It doesn’t mean anything inj the normal arena.

I think what you need is to take some time out and learn the game a bit more since the 2.0 changes.

I’m pretty sure Erlikosaurus has it.

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Ah yes you are right it does have Precise Rampage. Then it doesn’t even reduce damage, so I suspect he was thinking Precise Pounce if it reduced Thor 1 turn.

This is precise pounce, which is what we think is what’s used against you

This is precise rampage

Hopefully this clears up any confusion

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@colyev must have misread 2 attacks as 2 turns. That explains it.

Ah yes precise rampage now distracts apparently