Ardentistmaxima towers over JWA Battles! (JWA Battles Previews)

Ardentismaxima… the fallen king. However, this is not Game Maxima, this is IRL Maxima. I think I had to make that clear now. Game Maxima’s size is really understated, and its power level is not too accurate. Real life Maxima is a great powerhouse. Possessing titanosaurian DNA, Ardentismaxima is already a physical powerhouse from the getgo. Its carnivore DNA also grants it agression, which makes it a really tough foe in battle. And if that wasn’t enough, its brachiosaurian DNA makes it extremely tall and hard to land fatal blows on.

OK, that’s enough maxima talk. Come back tommorow for Skoonasaurus, Maxima’s heavy armored opponent.

Oh, and no this battle is not a stomp (literally or figuratively). This is a closer battle than you’d expect.