Ardontognathus Bug- Invincibility disappears by Decelerating side flap

Ardontognthus’s accelerated invincibility on escape disappears by decelerating side flap. This is a bug isn’t it?
Ardonto selected decelerating side flap
The opponent (scorpius) escaped
Ardonto got Invincibility
Skoona swapped in
Ardonto’s side flap is implemented
Invincibility disappearsed

it’s for 1 turn i think ( stopping swapper and counter attackers ) so it’ll disappear after a turn ( what i think )

Thank you very much. I understood.

Ardontognathus ability on escape has changed from damage buff to speed buff. This is quite useless because invincibility will disappear after Ardontognathus move… use case is only for counter for swapping as you kindly noted. As a matter of a fact it’ll be a counter only for arbertcevia…
This change affects the strength too much.

I know every creatures is possible to change even if I paid for it, and however, this limited creature’s change is touch too awful…

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the invincibility is ment to block a possible swap in attack. If the other dino does nothing the shield leaves

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