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Ardontosaurus and Ardentismaxima Buff Concept

As we have seen, Ludia is clearly trying to “balance” out the end-game sauropods. However, it doesn’t seem like it’s a true balance and instead is more of a change made to calm all the angry players down. I myself have devised my own stat concepts to bring the two massive herbivores back up without making them absurdly powerful.

Stats at level 26:
Health: 5500 Damage: 1400
Armor: 10% Crit. Chance: 30%
Speed: 102
Resilient Strike
Decelerating Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Instant Invincibility
Full Resistances: Deceleration, Stuns
Partial Resistances: Distraction (25%), Crit. Reduction (50%)

Here, Ardontosaurus still functions as a more offensive version of Ardentismaxima, still functioning similarly to how it does now move-wise. It boasts a considerably more offensive moveset at the cost of health and speed, and it holds a few resistances to stay true to it originally being an immune creature. However, bleeding is still an option, and heavy-hitters like Alloraptor and Magnapyritor can still take it on.

Stats at level 26:
Health: 5800 Damage: 1250
Armor: 10% Crit. Chance: 15%
Speed: 104
Resilient Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage
Group Decelerating Rampage
Instant Invincibility
Full Resistances: Deceleration, Stuns, Taunt
Partial Resistances: Distraction (33%)

Here we have a much tankier sauropod. It still boasts considerable damage output, but not to the extent seen currently while also not dropping considerably far down. It actually functions similarly to now without being as oppressive in damage. Here it begins to function more like a resilient tank while retaining its damage and shattering capability from its former genetic history.

What do you guys think? Fair enough? Too weak? Still too strong? How would you balance out Ardontosaurus and Ardentismaxima?

I would make Ardent have Group Decelerating Rampage and Defense Shattering Impact. Other than that I like the stats.

Ahhh I see what you mean. That actually makes a lot of sense. I’ll change it to that

This is crazy and shouldn’t happen. Ardmax only needs a small buff (probably, she needs to be tested in battle) while Ardont needs a nerf

Please elaborate

The crit chance should be lower on Ardonto, maybe 20%, and no armor. Remove the Rend, and add Critical Chance Reduction instead

Ardont is way too above other legendaries and either his offensive or defensive power needs to be reduced. If offensive (as Ludia intends), then he should lose either some HP or exchange the II for something weaker. And of course he should lose distract resistance if he’s intended to be more fierce than resilirnt

Ardmax was nerfed slightly too much, but I think she should just get 15% armor back and 75% distract resistance.

Here is how I would fix ardont: TSR is now DSR. Same with maxima. Ardont is really only good for a 1v1 as of now

Ardonto: The only thing I’d change on ardonto is give It a bit more HP than It has now, perhaps 5100. The other stats, current kit and resistances are fine

Maxima: Making It bulky again is good but i don’t think It needs to have it’s 6000 HP back. 5700 HP and 10% armor is enough. The damage nerf It recieved is fine, 1200 is a good number for Maxima. I do like It having at least a small resistance to distraction, perhaps It doesn’t need 50%, that’s too much, i think even 25% is enough. I don’t really agree with the kit change, It needs both rampages for raids and with the damage nerf and having just a small distraction resistance it’ll still be balanced with both group decelerating rampage and TSR. TSR needs to have one cooldown again too.

And last of all, giving them any rend resistance is a terrible idea, they should be destroyed by rend, as tanks they should never have this resistance, only cunning creatures have It.

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Ardonto isn’t really that good, at least that’s my impression on tournaments. Since It got 50% distraction resistance this patch i would even say It could get a bit more HP, but not much

Unless you’re referring to the rework ardonto, then yes, totally agreed

Oh crap I forgot that Alloraptor and Thylacotator literally eat them. There’s my oops of the day.

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