Are all games like this now?

Like TheMaxx said this was his first game on a phone and the same for me except for PoGo which I stopped playing. My question is, are most games structured like JWA in terms of grabbing as much cash as quickly as they can?

I bought a new gaming PC and have yet to use it, figuring it’s going to cost a small fortune trying out different games to see what I like.

For the first time i let the boost sale go right on by and not buy it. Was easier than i thought it would be. I’m not spending anymore on this game since they chose the path to greed.

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Lol, no. I played Jurassic World: The Game for a few years before JWA came out. It was not as money demanding. Its easy to get a lot of the hybrids on there now since you can earn rewards for them. Its also made by Ludia.
There are also multiple different arenas, aquatics, and czenozoic creatures.
I have several others that are fun to play and aren’t demanding.


i bought a new computer and an xbox recently, both have great games without need to spend a kidney to be competitive or get some achievements like this one.

in fact, for the price of some jwa offers you have one or 2 aaa games around there.

and for the price of jwa vip, u have ms gamepass ultimate and play almost 300 games for xbox AND computer, plus online gaming.


I’ve had so much extra money since I became free to play and I don’t stress about the game as much anymore.

On phones? Alot are… but their are a few gems… if your on ios looks at apple arcade… on android look at the play pass… both services have a monthly fee but are less then vip. And give you a catalog of games with no in app purchases… this game is pretty bad even as mobile games go for its monetization methods.

For your gaming pc… check out humble bundle… they always have some smaller bundles going… allowing you to set the price your willing to pay for said bundle. They also have a monthly bundles that cost 12 bucks and get 3 games immediately then on the first friday of the next month the rest of the bundle is unlocked… normally 6 or so other games… easily over 150$ worth of games for less then 1 boost tier.

Microsofts game pass for the pc is actually a pretty good value and you can get 3 months for 1 dollar a month right now… big library to play and see what kind of games you like.

If your into sports… ea origin subscription service is worth a look…

For pc dino games their are two good park builders… jurassic world evolution which is really pretty and pricing is nothing like this games and Parkasourus which has cartoony graphics but some of the most depth ive ever seen in a park builder.

Their is ark which is a survival game where you can tame and ride dinos… and one of my favorite pc dino games is The Isle. In which you play as the dino of your choosing start off as a baby and have to eat drink and grow into an adult. If you do get the isle spend some time looking for the right server as it means the difference between a grief fest and being part of a living breathing prehistoric ecosystem.

I know i recommended alot of subscription services but its simply the cheapest way to play and try alot of games to get a feel out of what you would like. Especially cause most have a discounted or free first month. Once you figure out what you like you can start bargain shopping on steam, epic games store, and good old games. Speaking of the epic game store… they usually give out a game or two every week for free and alot of the time they are good games… sometimes AAA titles.

Whatever you do dont spend a fortune on pc gaming the platforms best advantage is the crazy deals you can find on a regular basis.

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Most mobile games are. Obviously they are exceptions, but mobile games aren’t meant to be ground breaking in quality.

Mobile games, yes. Other games (PC etc), no. Also, you can have a friend share their Steam library with you to try out their games for free before you buy them :slight_smile: