Are All Level 30 Magnapyritors From Cheaters?

Was thinking about the screenshots showing the bug where someone darted 291 Irritators during an event. Many people had their level 30 Magna created well over a year ago yet I’m just now getting to level 27 and have played since the beginning.

Granted I may have not fulfilled 100% of my opportunities and my darting skills may be poor but still. It seems like the Alliance that knew about the bug were the same people who had the level 30 Magna we’ll before anyone else.


You joking right?


Irritators can be farmed via grinding arena and buying every incubator that has it.

I got my own lvl.30 Magna via the above method. It took me very long to do so but with sancs and donations it is easier.


Events, arena incubators, special scents, sanctuaries and donation. If you focus on all of these you’ll get it up in no time.
During the event when irritator was at the green stops i darted at least 250 dna on it with vip.

Don’t think every is a cheater because they dart better and put more time in the game then you.

“The alliance that knew about the bug”. You mean, all of them?

If you’re referring to Apex Predators, then those people are the most hard working players in the game and at the top for a reason.
Getting a 30 magna is not that hard if you focus on it.

To answer your title: No, not at all.


How about those with Lvl 30 Apatosaurus though🤔


Those people are straight up hackers.


Yup, I mean apato is THE RAREST thing in the game

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Don’t forget the scents that draw Irri and Bary 2 (fisher scent I think?). I’m sure plenty of people ran a lot of those. I’ve been playing since the start and got Magna to 30 recently from Irri events, sanctuaries, and generous alliance donations.

Irritators are not the hardest thing to get.

I have a harder time finding Dimetrodon.

Irritator is an aena exclusive with what, ONE event? I don’t think the exploit was around way back then

I got only 2 of those fisher theropod scents, that gives me 66% chance of at least 1 irritator. Not a lot.

Best thing is just to FIP it non stop. I FIP it maybe 10% of the time and I missed half of the last 2 irritator events. I don’t have VIP, I barely open any incubators (maybe 3 a day), so my supply is very low. I never requested it in my alliance. Mine’s lvl27 and I got a LOT of 10 fuses.

Just no.

Hard working? Not a defense since Irritator is exclusive.

They would never cheat? It’s great you are a trusting person. But you would be wrong way more than you think

Can be done by grinding and opening lots of incubators…but it takes a while? That’s my point. I was top 500 the entire first year, kept incubators running 24/7, and still barely there.

Looking at facts, not feelings. So far the responses seem to confirm my suspicions.


Did you use your Irritator for anything other than Magna, over level Pyrritator?

Hard working, paying, whatever.
Fact is, you can speed up incubators as much as you like and you get irritator from them all the time.
If you battle a lot, which is “hard work”, you can get there.
Apex has a strict anti cheating policy and with a distrusting nature in life, you really don’t get anywhere.


This is mine currently. I’m free to play, I don’t open incubators early, I don’t buy incubators, I use all attempts on it during events, definitely don’t cheat, request it occasionally and get a decent chunk of dna. Oh, I get plenty of 10 fuses of both the legendary and unique.


Lemme guess, from 400 to 490, all 10s. And now you’re gonna get a 60.

AP had level 30 magnas long before the bug was found lol


Soon I’m about to be the biggest cheater with a max level geminititan😂


Level 30 Magnas save me money. After 7 straight losses including 156 speed Magnas which wipe me off 3-0, I feel like spending money somewhere else. Even VIP make no sense now.