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Are Apex too Strong? Discussion

I’d like to start a discussion piece with everyone in response to this article. Everyone’s thoughts are scattered through multiple threads and i would like to consolidate them into one and generate healthy discussion among the community. None of this “Learn to Counter It” stuff please. It isn’t really helpful.
Examples of what i would like to see:
Do you think Apexes are too strong? Why or Why not?
What would you change about them if you feel they need changes?
Are they easy to obtain? Why/ Why not? How would you “fix” it?


My problem with the apexes are that people in low arenas are able to obtain them pretty easily with help from their alliance. I hate and very much struggle to take down apexes at 4800 trophies, so I don’t even want to imagine what people in lower arenas have to deal with. It would be nice to have a level cap of level 20 or an arena cap to actually be able to get apexes to make it easier for us in lower ranks. Having said that, even if a level/arena cap dues come into play, people in lower arenas who already got apexes will still be able to terrorise lower arenas.


Why don’t you just do apex raids?


Apex should either be end game (not to be created by low levelled players getting carried) or just a nudge down so good uniques actually stand a chance…

I just brought in CM (lvl 27)… mine isn’t that boosted (2/2/0) but I wiped an entire team at library with it (lvl 28-30 boosted) that’s just ridiculous


Well how. People just need to get them. Like I got hadros when I was level 18. Now its 27. If you get carried you get carried. It’d good that there are people out there to help you. If you don’t like that you should talk to ProC about it. He makes apex raids with level 6 dinos(I was in one)

I think the problem stems from the fact that Apex’s are so far ahead of uniques, but in most cases easier to obtain than uniques. MRhino is a pain to get, but Ceramagnus is so much better and pretty easy to get if you know what you’re doing. It’s similar case with every other Apex except Trebax and arguably Mortem.

I don’t agree with carry strats, but they will happen and the reward scaling definitely makes things better.


Lack of variety is a problem. As time goes by, we get more creatues, but actually less end game viable creatures. Apexes is a big part of that, as they are on every team.


What about the perspective of " You shouldn’t HAVE to use a specific dino to remain competitive"? We are all asking for steps to be made to increase diversity while the Apexs essentially force you to use them or you can’t climb. Their power has a cascading effect on everything around them


That really is the core problem. If they are supposed to be “better” should they be super hard to get? Even then adding another rarity 2 years into a game that basically cement nothing is better than a super unique hybrid kinda blows in the face and ruins the work players have done grinding, FIPing and fusing for those uniques which in most cases are much harder to get. And if they are comparable or just an alternative to uniques then why make so broken if they require less works or patience.


Basically; either you use them and absolutely destroy the competition and basically keep playing the same meta or with the same creatures. Or you dont and you already become more of a punch bag than you currently are if not already using the best resilient tyrant

And there lies the problem, though carries can be nice for lots of people, many have worked extremely hard building up uniques to level 30. When a team with significantly weaker dinos and a few apex’s (from carries) comes out and destroys your team, it can be frustrating. For example, earlier today, my 30 Thor was demolished by a 26 Ceramagnus, undoubtedly obtained by carries. All the hard work and time that it took to built up my Thor got thrown away when the low level apex easily beats it. Joining the problem doesn’t help the problem, and just because people can be carried doesn’t mean they should.


Exactly. If you wanted to make Apexes easier for veterans because they have the creatures at higher level, then MAKE THE RAID REQUIRE THOSE LEVELS. I’ve been working on a Max for at least 6 months AND I’ve been spoiled with some shots at it AND it still falters compared to Apexes, which wouldn’t be a problem IF I HADN’T HAD MORTEM SINCE I STARTED BUILDING MAX. I’m not blaming anyone for taking advantage of something, but I shouldn’t be able to beat an Apex raid with a L20 Irri if they’re supposed to be that good.

Sorry for the long rant, I think I lost my temper there

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Easier said than done with the current issues surrounding invites and friends lists problems.


As for overall strength as @Bart_H said lux and ceramgnus are the most broken over all either boosted or not and they add to an already exclusive resilient meta. Mortem is on the super on the edge of OP and then boosts come in and shift that in monster strong. Bex actually is pretty balanced but i find it actually kinda of useless in a sense especially in a boosted setting it suffers a lot.

I definitely agree with that, being carried through a raid to get a mortem when your lvl 15 shouldn’t even be available until you get to lvl 20. The while point of apexs is that they are end-game creatures, not something you can use to demolish others in lower areas


I’d say yes.
Most of my alliance has never missed an Apex raid.
It’s blatantly obvious to me that myself and everyone I battle with on a daily basis will eventually be running all Apex when the new raids come out.
It will be extremely boring.
Not my problem.
Ludia will have to come up with something.


The biggest problem with the Apexs is that nerfing them into oblivion won’t work, and adding more apexs that counters the others will take too long to get. It’s just a struggle with the game now. Can’t just un-do what’s already done, and based on how Ludia tends to ignore the community, idk I’d anything will change.

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The thing is nerfing them now is easier now that they make up a small minority. Its nerfing four creature instead of buffing almost 200 others.


True, there will always be heavy backlash but I’m sure Ludia is just used to it

Again we want balance not punishment; we dont need another indo gen2 or monomimus nerf just something reasonable to bring them down to something more counterable

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