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Are Apex too Strong? Discussion

Theres a fairly good of people that aren’t on forums and never heard of a discord.


Now that I would love, I was in the middle of grinding levelling it up got it to 26 before they changed its kit which in my opinion was a nerf.

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Theres so many on escape moves they never integrated for the the uniques. I definitely would want to see on escape rampage on spinocon.

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That’s not unreasonable, but 19 out of the 27 Uniques we have are Immune to 67% resistant already. All 4 Apexes are either immune or 75% resistant to stun. It’s getting rather close.


If they chose not to go to the forums, that’s their loss. Ludia links to the forums every update, so they’ve certainly been given the opportunity. If they’re struggling to make raids work, it makes sense to go to the forums and talk about it (as a lot of people have been doing, seeing all the Apexes flooding the arena). I get that certain circumstances make it harder for people to raid reliably, but the information is all here and open to anyone bothered to look. A lot of people, myself included, only started using Discord because people on the forums recommended it for raids, and it works really well.

Even if you aren’t on the forums, there’s other social media platforms where people talk about the game too.

I think a game should be completed IN the game itself.

To offer a function in the game where players need to find social medias to obtain is bad design.

If solo players can’t enjoy a game, they also QUIT. To force players to become somehing (this or nothing) is a very bad idea Ludia have :-1:

Use swap-in-damage or lose.
Thor need 145 speed or lose.
Get a alliance or use Discord or lose.
Play max speed dinos or lose.

Get my point?

Yes, you can play raids solo. You get DNA. :ballot_box_with_check:

The game is balanced and every uniqe is playable, have fun! :ballot_box_with_check:

Speed is not the most important. You can have a lot armour also! :ballot_box_with_check:


The fact that you need to resort to using third party apps to actually succeed in raids, essentially locking many of the best endgame creatures behind using one of these methods, is definitely one of the biggest problems with the in-game raid infrastructure right now.

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I agree, it is badly designed, but it’s so badly designed that the players have sort of built a whole community to fill in that gap, and everyone has access to it. It shouldn’t need to exist, but you’d need to be living under a rock or just not care to not know that it does.


They definitely need to implement a lobby chat or something. Switching between discord and the game is dumb. I would normally wouldn’t have a problem but if you leave and come back the game goes crazy.


I would love to do raids but my alliance/friends are high enough for me to gain any dna

WHY bother with anything else in the game now?
Why dart, chase, fuse, sanctuary when you can just sign in and do your weekly chore?

It’s an insult to the veterans. You/we wasted our time for years and ludia is laughing at us. The way for ludia to get new blood in the game is to push the new to the front and hope they pay to stay there.

Ex-daily player
Ex-top 50


Think they should have their own arena.

Not right now everyone would have the same team and it would be boring.

I dont want nerf to ceramagnus

But somehow we do anyway. It’s just the skill, boost and player that’s different. So we all get the same in the end. No place for freestyle

absolutly 100%, we can close the discusion.

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Yes we can

maybe make it possible to have a minimum 4500 trophies to use an apex