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Are Apex too Strong? Discussion

This guy gets it.


Oh yeah i agree with you 100. There’s players that think obtaining and leveling apexes are easy but that doesn’t apply for everyone. I have 4 apexes myself while it hasn’t been difficult to obtaining them, it hasn’t been easy either.


You are missing direction. By having apex. It simply means these are the best dinos in the game. There will be 8. This evens arena. Eventually I can see more. By having these, as the best dinos, it frees up boosts for players to apply to tournament teams. Making that more competitive. That will favor the long term player for while. Tournaments are best rewards as well so feel happy that looks my term and established alliances get bet rewards.
But if we want any possible growth in community, this is a great solution. It will take longer for smaller players to level up apex, but not make them feel worthless in advantage tournament. Think out side the box!!! Love your year long response, by the way.


why take away monolorhinos cunning strike? it does not make any since, that would be disregarding its ansestory

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