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Are Battle % Calcs Rounded?

i mean the % applied to numbers.

example: 128 indoraptor2 speedup 10% is 140.8.
then game used as it is, or round to 141 (or maybe truncate to 140)?

also buffs and debuffs to attack etc, rounded or truncated?.. at least these we have visual, but speed is only the priority indicator.


Pretty sure I’ve had battles where using Monostego I’d have been tied for speed if it would have rounded up but I believe it’s an exact number (or truncates) because I took note that I was not.

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is anybody else finding hard to mentally calculate speedup result faster than 15 seconds to decide if you choose that move (if your dino would be faster at the end)?

They are, I once used slowing impact with my stegocera against tenontorex who used superiority, stego’s speed is 110 and tenonto 109, but tenonto went first as a unique, since it rounded us at the same speed (tenonto 54,5 speed was rounded to 55, same as stego), I was so angry :expressionless::smile:

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mmm, so the system truncates the final number, excluding decimals, other than rounding up (if decimal is 5 and up).

@MattEllis @Piere87 did you find this answer to replicate to simulations, maybe from datamining or friendly battles?

Just had two battles VS AI and I don’t think it rounds. My Monostego has base speed (117) and AI had +2 speed on a Rinex (so 128) and the speed indicator did switch. Albeit, it was only temporary, as they used decel strike on the same turn, but it definitely did switch.

Hey @AndreMR! I’m going to have to look into this one. The example with Stegocera isn’t really accurate because it’s speed is 112 so 50% reduction is still 56, which is greater than Tenontorex’s 50% reduction (54.5 or even rounded up to 55).

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