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Are beaches a thing in game?

So I am privileged enough to live by the sea and was wondering whether beaches are a thing in game?

There were a couple of crocs spawned that are only available in parks and plenty of drops.

Anyone else see the same or know the answer?



I love this screenshot. I wish I lived by the sea. The dinosaurs look like they are on a tropical vacation. :blush::t_rex::sauropod::beach_umbrella::desert_island:


It looks like beaches are a thing, that is a great screen shot! Minnesota US here, land of 10000 lakes and I’ve never seen that before :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the picture real?(not edited)


beaches have been a thing for awhile. thats almost a year ago.

I never saw this when I went on holiday… hmm. I’ll be checking now! There’s no spawns for it, I presume it’s just still the local… ?

I never knew beaches showed up. We went to the beach one day last as August but I don’t recall seeing that.

I live near the beach and my place of work is 75% surrounded by sea and I have not observed that effect. What I have observed is that many parks are not parks in the game and, on the other hand, some points that are not parks seem to behave like parks.

Just been messing on Google Maps. Turns out beaches are like gold dust. Large stretches of the coast here are beach but only the one in the screenshot is actually recognised as a “beach”.

@xescot my town is the same. We have three large public parks but they aren’t parks according to Google Maps and so don’t show as on JWA. The only parks that do are tiny children’s play areas and only two of those have a event drop. :slightly_frowning_face:

Jekyll Island doesn’t have the beach.
It goes from land to ocean :frowning:

I love beaches - this is Portland, Dorset, UK

But can’t say I have seen any significantly different spawns - I will keep an eye out

Edit: What did the Tarbo cross the road? :smile:


Because it hadn’t evolved into a chicken yet.

Interesting thread. Maybe beaches work like parks?


Whaat? That looks so cool, @leylandlad97. I’m sure I was at the beach once but I didn’t see the sand on my map. :unamused:

Maybe it wasn’t considered a real beach.

There’s a park that I visit, where only half the park is recognized as a park. :rofl: