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Are Boost Offers Now Permanent In Store?

these items won’t disappear anymore here. no countdown timer, i quit and open jwa app and all there, all day.

is that intended?


I don’t see them myself

Neither do I…

All maxxed boost sale, for some lol

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Either its a bug, which wouldn’t surprise me! Or they are preparing to have them for sale full time, which also not only wouldn’t surprise me, but I predicted.


I don’t even use boosts and I can say… The fact that they’re only for sale for certain people means they need to do yet another boost reset. This isn’t fair for people trying to stay viable at a high level @Ludia_Developers

Yeah allowing some accounts access to boosts and others don’t is pretty bad. So much for equal opportunities for all lol.

How many other times have players been able to buy them while others couldn’t?

They won’t do it because “It effects a small amount of the player base”. :roll_eyes:


So one person claims boosts are still available? That’s all? I’m not so sure I can believe that. :thinking:

0.1% of them to be precise.

As long as it doesn’t “break the arena” :roll_eyes:

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You can try to buy them to see if their are actually offers…

I had offers in my store the Wednesday after 1.10 went live. Posted a screen shot of it on the forums. Got called a troll. Then a moderator deleted my post and said it was most likely a cache issue but my picture would confuse people.

When i tried to actually buy an offer my app froze. So you could try that to see if its a legit offer, but if it is your gonna be out 500 hc just to prove a point, unless you want the boosts.

I bought all. They disappear once you buy them. But if you dun they haunt you forever…

Ludia is… bad… mmmmkayyyy


Please tell me ya numptys aren’t dumb enough to pay these prices for this stuff

Not when it’s cheaper to pay to speed the incubators and get the “free” boosts inside.

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Haven’t bought any, don’t see any.

Why do you say “dun”?

disappeared today, and today’s offers appeared with proper countdown.

but they were there for more than 12 hours after countdown ended. and i restarted app about 3 times.

i didn’t buy any, because i quitted boosts, don’t use them.

maybe it’s just a visual glitch.
a(nother) bug.

or intended, like an extra period to people accept the offer. well, not for me, thanks. ludia can leave boost offers here forever, i don’t care anymore.

i am not aiming top ranking, reach library was a good achievement for me. so ignoring boosts is fine.

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