Are cheaters allowed to join alliances?

I just checked the alliance of a recent opponent (I like to look at other teams to compare) and noticed several members who are high ranked on the leaderboard. However, 5 other members should be on the LB based on trophy count but are not.

So it appears that they are flagged cheaters - able to join alliances (and donate ill-gotten DNA) and presumably, in between tournaments, among the rest of us. At least that’s the perception.

If anyone cares, I have names and numbers but will of course not post them here. It’s just disappointing that cheaters are apparently able to abuse the system - but that’s what cheating is, right? :thinking:

Cheaters can join my alliance and give me Illgotten dna all day long!!!
Not my fault ludia didn’t want to ban then.

Still though. Ludia should of done sometime about them…

Instead they nerf spawns and give out scent spawns to buy.


No, at least not in that alliance.

Yes they can, that’s why we cannot donate epic DNA, otherwise people who are not legit can easily spoil the system. Hope they fix it soon.


Make a support ticket in game take picture to upload as proof

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difficult to prevent…

they can just open a new account…endless

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At least when the account with stockpiled DNA goes down they have to start again from scratch

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But the problem is they give that DNA to alliance members who are supposedly legit, but may actually be cheaters who haven’t been caught. Those cheater accounts may even be their alt accounts!

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At least if you report one of their web of alts is down may get lucky and hit their main from ludia backtracking all the transfers which would have been recorded. If all the spoof account are donating to one super supposed legit account (they likely want to play in tourney with I’ll gotten stuff from all alt acc they fly on, need 5 members to fill a request) that new main prob get reset gg on all that spoofed DNA!

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I don’t think I need to report them, they are clearly flagged cheaters because they don’t appear on the LB. Many, if their rank is below top 500, aren’t identifiable from a screen shot (but may be flagged, we just can’t tell).

My question is why are they allowed to join alliances and interfere with legit players (by supplying other cheaters with DNA)? If they’re identifed as cheaters, they should be on a separate server and not be able to interact with legits at all.

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My guess is that in most cases, the ones we’re seeing are hastily constructed alt accounts that flagged spoofers are using to try and circumvent the ban, and transfer DNA from one account to the other.

My second guess is that there are a lot of new players here who joined after the first two bans, and haven’t yet been nicked by Ludia’s “Spoof Patrol”. This is where a good detection algorithm would come in handy for the devs. Do i think that these people should be given any sort of second chance?

Let me answer that question with another question: knowing what we know about how well cheaters respect anyone but themselves (not at all, even less if it’s someone with authority), do we want to see history continually repeat in a neverending circle?

The answer should be obvious.

You guys are missing what the op is saying… these arent alt or new accounts… these are already flagged accounts that have trophies high enough to be at the top on the leader board but arent… so theyve been flagged.

When alliances were first announced metahub said flagged cheaters would not be allowed to join alliance and thus couldnt trade dna. This is not the case. There was someone flagged after the first two ban waves in an alliance recently disbanded by someone in this very thread.


I have seen flagged accounts showing up as well. It’s just that there are a lot of them going around using alt accounts on top of that.

It’s a glitch in the alliance system that they’re exploiting, and it needs to be fixed.

These people need to be banished to their “phantom zone” server to never again harass us.

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And it wasn’t until someone pointed that out to me. I removed that person, and gave up on even starting an Alliance. That’s not a crime.

Honestly, I don’t even know how your bringing that up is even relevant, tbh. If they can fool me, they’ve probably fooled a lot of others.

I didnt name drop you because i didnt feel you were at fault… just used it as an example flagged cheaters are allowed in alliances.

Fair enough. I did receive an email from the devs yesterday. They are trying to patch the exploit that the spoofers are using, as well as flagging new ones, and even alt-accounts.

It’s just a waiting game now.


That’s good to know. We can wait :wink:

I guess every player in the top 500 cheats with the plethora of hacks out currently for this game. They can’t ban them all or else noone would be left. Otherwise they would of banned the flagged cheaters outright from the start.
Even fallout 76 did a better job of banning cheaters only days after it was released.

Excuse me?! I’ve been in top 500 and know many players who currently are and who are certainly no cheaters.

Some undoubtedly are - and just haven’t been caught yet - but you can’t make these kinds of accusations.