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Are games gone forever from the Tapjoy offer wall?

I notice since the 2x special started running that all the offers that involved playing another game are gone. I was looking forward to upgrading my [BUILDING] to level 10 while the double cash was running!

Will the games be back?

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None of it works anyway, so you didn’t miss a thing


Mine too. There’s a big update about to happen and bundles being sold in the store. It’s not a coincidence. I assume games will come back just as soon as the 2x promo ends.

I hear ya Tommy. I’ve been ripped off by them before, but was having a pretty good streak of actual payouts since they changed their ticketing system, so I was hopeful that it’d be worth doing one of those reskinned games for a few thousand bucks.

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Still gone, but there is a new Action tab, which seems to be the same as the All tab.
Maybe games will be on their own tab someday? I sure hope so. All the offers that require getting out a credit card are dead to me.

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Somehow I missed this thread at first. I’m experiencing the same issue and would love some answers too.

I have game offers on my wall is this an ios issue or are some of you on android as well?

I’m iOS, mine are still gone. Tons of offers, zero games.

Android hackery for the win yet again :pensive:

tiny games, casinos, etc. don’t work. but legit games that offer like 2K+ cash have always worked and you usually get it instantly.

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I got the captain planet game through tapjoy… no rewards. Some of the small games worked a lot didn’t. This thing should be looked at lol.

final fantasy XV like 12k cash, lords mobile 8k, and some others i forget have worked

I used to do a ton of tapjoy offers and any time I didnt recieve my reward after 24 hours an email and screenshot resulted with my reward… except one casino game where tapjoy specifically said their advertiser refused to resolve the issue.

More likely its apple… who have had issues with tapjoy and apps before… in that apple does not like that these apps are able to bribe their way up the appstore charts.

Im not an apple fan by any means but its hard to fault them for this as they are currently working to make ios more of a traditional gaming platform and less of a pay to win platform that most moble games are these days.

This is most likely collateral damage in that fight.

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Does anyone on iOS still have the game offers?

Anyone know how to get the notification out of my inbox? I’ve clicked through it and even done some $1 thing but it will not go away…

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I’m iOS too, as a data point. This kind of stinks. We can’t do the google playstore surveys or whatever, and now we can’t even play cruddy clone games to make game cash? That hardly seems fair.

As I stated Apple is tring to make the appstore more appealing to those that want to develop a more traditional gaming system for mobile games… combating games that can bribe their way up the chart is part of this.

But we’re still perfectly able to buy razors or take a survey to get cash. It’s just the garbage games that have disappeared. I am unwilling to spend money but I’m willing to spend time.

Oh, I see what you mean. They’re punishing those games, not the players of this game.

I still think it stinks.

If rather just pay a few bucks to Ludia than waste my time playing a terrible game out of spite to not pay them. My time is worth more than that.

Kudos to those that get those great deals on the 2X stuff though. I’ve been tempted but it reads like too much work when I try to figure it out