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Are green boxes showing for anyone?


Is anyone else missing green boxes in their area? They were removed an hour ago and haven’t come back. I have 3 boxes i can click from my house and 61 i can see from my house yet not 1 in site seems odd.

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in:
Zone 2
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- look around no green boxes. I will drive if i need to but with 61 in my range of view I’d normally see 1 or 2.
Step 2 -
Not needed

How often does it happen:
First time I’ve seen this but i need the golden chicken dna so i am hoping they’ll come back.

What type of device are you using:
Samsung s8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
The event is to catch golden chicken is posted until Sunday so i am not sure why there are no more.


No one can confirm or deny seeing a green boxes in their area? Is the event over a day early?


I can see one. I guess they drastically reduced the no. of green towers.

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Thks pirate. I guess i will drive around and find my last 4 golden chickens.


Mine keep getting overtaken with strike events and scent strikes. I’ve decided to run errands tomorrow morning purely because I need to find my last few Erlikos. :roll_eyes:


Today is Sunday and in the area of 5 km around my home I haven seen green stops. It happened before but the next day were back… it seems random set of green boxes and in my case bad luck.


I see one like a mile away


Had a green stop on top of my house until today they decided to drop the tower there instead


The green drop was in the park across the street for the commons, on my house for the rares, and back across the street for the epics until the strike event replaced it. The original supply drop on the far side has been a scent strike for days. Raaage.


They have sometimes changed them around after the standard change over


I was able to drive around and find a few. They are very hard to come by now. I hope you all have a bike or car or something with wheels because walking ain’t possible.


Bearing in mind I live on, near, or a 20 min walk from 3 parks of varying size, I went out on a recon mission this morning. 90% of my usual drops were gone. They’ve nearly all been overtaken by strike events. This weekend I also saw a disproportionate number of sinos.

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o.k. that’s not funny anymore… only 1,5 h to the end of the event and I haven’t notice green stop since Friday (???). Plenty of that red ones otherwise… and I am not sitting home.