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Are items % cumulative when combined?

Hi Guys,

This may have been answered but I could not find it.

Does gear stack? For example, if I have two items and one give crit bonus of 15% and one gives 35% do they combine for a total chance to crit of 50%?

Thanks and game on!!

That is a good question that I would like an answer to as well.

It also brings up an idea that could be implemented into the game. Maybe an extra category in the stats that show crit percentage as you are currently geared?


Seems like stats are obscure and completely unlike actual D&D on purpose, otherwise I can’t explain why such already calculated stats aren’t visible anywhere.

Hmmm I’ve always assumed so and hope so otherwise I’m wasting a lot of stuff that could used for something else Eg +25% crit chance on Naomlem and +25% ish when she moves.

Would be fairly easy to test as it’s 25% vs 50% …

Now that’s something to think about. I read the wording on it and read EVERY single detail.
Do not, and i repeat, DO NOT take my word for it but hear me out.
Let’s say each character has some hidden initial crit chance stat, 5% for example.
Naomlen’s epic wondrous item says to “have a ?/15/20/?% chance to score a critical hit”.
Based on that wording, TO ME, it’s telling me that it turns her 5% into a 15% chance to crit, it doesn’t add on top of it.
My reasoning? Take a look at her boots, more specifically her common boots. It says “have a +20% chance to score a critical hit”. The difference is the + sign. One item makes your crit chance a certain amount while the other adds on top of it. This could well just be a typo error and i absolutely don’t have the stats and numbers to prove this. On another note, her epic trinket or “rogue item” poisoner’s kit also leaves out the + sign, which i’m assuming means it turns your crit chance into 25%, not add.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

That makes sense to me. Words And symbols are very important and are meant to communicate information. Having a + or not in front of it should definitely make a difference in its effect. But then like you said typos happen.

How they do percentage thing matters too. Do they add to each other so that a 15% chance to crit and a 35% chance to crit equals 50%.

Or is it something else like you started with a natural 10% chance which was increased by 15% so that your chance is now 11.5%

A question I have in the same context, is there a difference between block and AC? The paladin has an ability that adds block, and one that adds AC. Do they stack, behave differently, or something else, what’s the deal?

Edit: also, when we’re talking about stacking numbers, black can stack a ridiculous amount of times, how is damage calculated when you have 10 stacks of 50% block?

That’s what I was asking.

Is it something like where your natural blocking “power” is 100 so that with the first 50% it becomes 150. Then with the second it would become 225, then 337.5 etc etc etc.

Both block and AC reduce the damage you take. However block is damage reduced in portions. If a character without block takes 100 damage, once you apply a 25% block or 50% block they will then take 75 or 50 damage, respectively.
That’s at least how I see it.

For AC, all you need to know is the higher it is, the better. I don’t think anybody has the formula for damage calculation but if your AC is double their Attack stat, you would probably see something like taking half damage, from what I’m experiencing anyway.

I wouldn’t have thought so, in similar games like SWGOH it is 50% of your base stat so 100 bases gives 50 each time

That is why I am asking since I don’t know.
That way would make more sense to me but it doesn’t say so in the wording. That was my point about how important words are in something like this.