Are JWA Texts Readable To You?

using samsung galaxy s7 flat. it’s a 5.1 screen phone, not one of the bigger phablets we have nowadays, but still not a small one.

but… jwa should really have font settings, since it’s not affected by phone settings. not everybody has perfect-eagle eyes to read game text in medicine leaflet size.

time of message… so dark and small i can’t read on phone. together with chat update bug, it’s easy to answer a question from days ago.

support key, almost so small as above… can read with some effort.

i spent months to realize what’s below Ludia logo…
“a fremantle company” thanks to screenshot, and zoom on desktop computer.

i showed jwa to 2 childs and a teenager, with fine eyes and they all found some text VERY small and difficult to read. so, it seems not just me.

are you people comfortable with jwa text size ?


and the app has a passive ability:
“immune to device screen settings” :laughing: